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Wierd scratching after eating.

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Hye guys,

My kitten has a funny behavior after eating or even when pooing and i am wondering if anyone has an idea why??
1. After she eats she scratches the from and wall like she is going to cover her poo.(rather cute)

2. At times when she is pooing and then covering her poo using the litter,
she sticks her paws outside the litter and not inside....
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This is completely normal. Some cats are extremely thorough when covering their #1 and #2, Maia is so thorough when it comes to her litter use, she often uses it as an alarm clock for me to get up! She scratches sides, bottom, entrance, floor! Domestic cats are simply that, domesticated with instinctual behaviors, such as burying food, Maia will paw her food and water bowl sometimes, especially if she has some left over Fancy Feast!
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Speaking of water....
My kitty (Nala) does not drink any water what so ever.
I have been told that cats do drink water but some hide it.
Is this true?
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For obvious reasons it is essential for her to drink water! Do you notice a difference in the level of her water dish when you refill it? You should change the water atleast once a day. Maia is a perfect example of liking bottle water over tap, she drinks twice as much! So I would recommend bottle water and it should be in a ceramic, non metallic bowl (any type of metal bowl will conduct electricity and give a different taste). Yes, some cats prefer to drink in secrecy, but eventually you see them!
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In nature cats cover their food. Many housecats still have this instinct, too Seb scratches the walls, the floors, everything in attempt to cover his poo and his food. Amazing how powerful instinct is
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My cat Spookie will get in his litter box and go to town scratching. And he is a litter slinger too. He likes to stand on the outside of his box and paw litter out onto the floor after he goes to the bathroom, and then wants to get huffy when I come and clean it up!
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A couple of our kitties are total spazzes when it comes to covering their litter - they manage to get some litter on it, but they also just paw in the air, not actually moving anything!

I remember the first time we saw Shelly trying to "bury" his food in the bowl after he was done eating. We didn't know what the heck he was doing - until we asked here. In the wild, they will bury unfinished food, too, so it doesn't attract other predators. Hissy said if we wanted to give him something to bury his food with, set the bowl on a handkerchief. He scooped that thing up and over the bowl - it was too funny! Half the time he flips the bowl over when pawing it - that seems to work just as well for him.

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