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Palas and DeeDee full grown pics

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Here are some pics of Palas and DeeDee because I haven't posted any in awhile. They may be a little fuzzy because I took them on my new smartphone. My digital camera is much better.

Palas (all white) just had his first birthday in October, and Deedee (oj & white) just turned one in December! *cheer*

Oh so cute with the cuddling as always

Palas passed out on my lap

Kitties in the tree!

All tuckered out

Palas is so handsome

They love those things even though they are too big for them now.

DeeDee - she's full grown in all of these pictures...must just be petite.

I think she wants me to scratch her belly...what do you think?

Sweet lil sleepy faces

Starting here they are about 6 mos younger but adorable pics too! These were taken with my digital camera though so are much clearer than the top pics.

I think the word for this is "bonded" hehe

Yes, she's asleep. She sleeps like this a lot.

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aww!! they are so precious!!
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Beautiful kitties!!
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Palas certainly does have a beautiful expressive face..gorgeous kitties!
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Aren`t they gorgeous?!

Deedee has stripes on the face like Kitty!
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Added more pics
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They're adorable!!
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your babies are just gorgeous!!! I love their little faces
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Ooo! They are both so beautiful : Love the photos of them snuggling!
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I the one with Palas behind the plant!
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DeeDee has the sweetest face! They're both adorable!
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What a gorgeous pair of babies you have
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DeeDee's face is just beautiful!! And Palas, what a handsome man! You have a couple of very good looking babies there!
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I love the one of them hugging in the blankies, and the leg hanging off the cat tree was just too hilarious!

Fun kitties! So beautiful!

How they can manage to photograph so serious (faces) and be up to such mischief is to me the big enigma of cats. Somewhere under all those serious faces is an impish smile waiting to happen, lol.
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