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Here are the kitty valentines! Yay!
I hope that I have included all of the ones that you send in, as you can imagine, Leslie and I got alot of emails, so I hope I have not missed anyone Let me know if there are any changes to be made.

Thanks everybody and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

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OMG! I....I mean Whiskers*ahem* is in love!!!!! are soooo romantic. And I...I mean Whiskers just loves roses!


Ginger and Bundy.......AWESOME job! You guys deserve a standing ovation.

Many thanks from my home to yours!
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Those are wonderful! Thanks Ginger for a wonderful job!
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They were wonderful! My cats sure are sorry they missed out!
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Ooooo, that was fun! Ed, Tatyana, Mischief, - thank you!!!!! Teresa - Hallie and Mystique sent cards anyway! The Valentine's Fairy was busy while you were taking care of your sick little boy. Hope he's feeling better!


Ginger and Leslie - Thanks SO MUCH again and again and again!!!!

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Loki just loves his card, it's an invitation he can't refuse - Thanks Tigger !!!!!

.and all the other cards are just marvelous too!!
Great Job Guys!!!
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Awww. These are great! We have some very creative cats here.

And thanks Bundy and Ginger for doing all of the work. What a wonderful response!
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Thanks, Bundy and Ginger. Unfortunately, I can't get Opie and Rowdy out of bed, to look at theirs.
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Ginger and Leslie - thanks for all your work!

Everyone's valentines look fabulous!
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All of the Valentines look wonderful! Special thanks from Ophelia and I to Bud and Shell for that cute card.

Again, thank you so much to Leslie for organizing this and Ginger for loading all the kitty cards (and donating all that bandwidth!) on her website. You guys really went above and beyond for the sake of our love-lorn kitty cats!
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Thank you Coco Maui for getting this up for us, and donating the bandwidth, and thank you to BundyLee for setting the whole thing up!
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The Valentine's are great! I love all of them!
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Thank you! They are beautful!Coco Maui,what kind of cat do you have? She is a real beauty!!!!!!! All my cats fell in love!
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Thanks for all the hard work, Leslie and Ginger! Faile is all in a tizzy over the handsome Nickajack. Good thing she's been neutered
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A big thank you to Felix, Harry and Ophelia from Echo, Tiki and Bud! All the cards were awesome...You all did a great job! It was so much to do this...hope that we can do this all once again!
Bundy and Ginger...great job with the site and doing this for everyone on here. You both deserve great big hugs for that! (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))
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*BIG KISSES & HUGS* to Whiskers from Orion
He loved your poem and wishes he could give you a dozen real roses!

They all look wonderful. Great job everyone!

And a big thank you to Leslie and Ginger for bringing this all together. It was a wonderful idea and the site looks awesome. Well done!
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Is anyone else having problems getting on to the kitty valentine website? I can't look at the valentines for my kitties.
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Just bumping this up.
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It was totally fun to look at all the love notes, they were all so sweet. But I can't see one of mine. I get the sign that's for everyone.

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All the Valentines look great! A big round of applause for Ginger and Leslie.

And Opie, Ivo would LOVE to be your valentine!
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh first time I saw this......

I'll have to participate next time!!!

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Originally posted by Vikki
Tamme, is it possible that one of your kitties was missing a Valentine greeting? I know that the general greeting comes up if there wasn't a card to show.
Oh pooh!
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