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Resident Cat Gumpy

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In hindsite I realize this was a bad idea, but my newly resident cat, seems pretty grumply since I brought our new cat home (who is in a "safe room") last night.

He will let us pet him still, but he is pretty much staying away from us. He doesn't run when we come over to him either. He did sleep with us last night, like he usally does. Hes been playing with his toys as well, just avoiding us...

This is all normal, right?
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A lot of issues come into play when introducing a new kitty to the resident kitty. How old is he, has he been single until now, how old is the new kitty........
It is so important to talk to him, make sure he doesn't feel punished or unloved with the new presence. At the same time you don't want to quarantine the new kitty for to long, but it may take some time. Slowly introduce them if you can, in a room in between their safety rooms. This way they can go back to a safe place.
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The new kitty is 2.5yrs the residident kitty is 5.5yrs, both males. He's getting better, I will try to have a meeting between them tonight or tomorrow.
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Well to update... my residnet cat, Chestnut, is no longer grumpy (YEY) and since the two cats were showing such intrest in eachother through the doors that connect their rooms, we've let them out together. (Supervised of course) and while they don't get close to eachother, they are co-existing nicley the only hisses were when the new cat tried to eat the resident cat's food.

I'm happy for now.
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In our experience, males tend to be a bit better about accepting new kitties - male or female.

Keep a can of coins around to rattle at them if they do get into a serious tussle. They may figure out who's alpha without it, but best to be prepared.

I would give Chestnut extra attention and extra "alone" play time (in a room with the door shut if necessary).

I'd also take a towel and rub the new kitty all over with it - put it under Chestnut's food dish. Take another one, and rub the new kitty all over with it - after your play time with Chestnut, put treats down on the towel that smells like new kitty. Keep this up for a couple of week - it will help Chestnut come to associate the new kitty with "good" things.

But yes - the behavior you initially described can happen. That's when it's best to use treats and play - extra attention - to help him adjust. He needs reassurance, and he needs to think having the new kitty around is a good thing. They may never become friends - but passive co-existence is the next best thing.

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I've done all those things already! I've also put towels in each of their "safe rooms" where they sleep and have been switching them daily. Actually its nice to see that they have been immediatly jumping onto the switched towels and takeing a nap.
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Yes - that is a nice thing! I hope it keeps going well.

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