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Grumpy cat vs. teenage cat

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I have had Snickers for almost 5 months now and my other cat still will not have anything to do with her. Swannee let's Snickers sit besider her now(but not to close) but when Snickers runs by her Swannee will still hiss at her and swat her. Snickers on the other had adores Swannee and wants to play with her so bad. When Swannee is sleeping Snickers just sits besider her and stares at her. It's actually quite funny because when Swannee wakes up Snickers runs away very quickly. Will Swannee ever accept Snickers. I want to get another cat for Snickers to play with but I don't want to stress Swannee out even more than she already is. What should I do?
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They suggest after 3 months old waiting till 1 year before introducing another cat. You already have your alpha kitties and a new introduction is stressing Swannee out at this point. It could be a hit or miss, be the charm or push her over the edge. If you do decide to get another kitten, it should be soon and the same age, otherwise they may have territorial issues themselves.
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Good question. Ling took far more then 5 months to accept Charlie - she's still not 100% acceptable cause Charlie picks on her and then she gets upset. We've had Charlie now for a year

I want to get another Ocicat baby brother for Charlie to play with. While Ling may not really like it at first (another cat coming in), I think in the long run she will be glad as then the 2 boys will play with each other more and leave her alone. I don't know for sure, you can't predict what another cat will do. I'm hoping that's what happens and not that the 2 boys would gang up on her!

If you feel another kitten may help, adopt one. But what will you do if the one doesn't accept? Will you keep the new kitten or rehome them? I find that females (spayed or not) tend to be more territorial and take a lot longer to accept new cats - especially if its another rival female.

That's why I like the males better - they seem to be more outgoing and accept faster and get along better.
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Thanks for your input. Snickers seems to like other cats. So maybe if I get another one she will focus on the new cat and leave Swannee alone.
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If you decide to bring in another cat, I strongly advise you to get a neutered male and not another female
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