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Microchip now in leg :(

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When we adopted Forrest at 14 weeks of age we had our vet microchip him. Instead of getting the microchip between his shoulders on his back, it ended up on the top portion of his right leg. Now that he has grown a bit, the chip sits halfway between his shoulder and his elbow on the front of the leg bone. The vet said when he gets older that his fat will "cover" the chip and I won't feel it. He's part Oriental and is very lean and muscular. I'm not sure how much "fat" he will ever have in his legs.

Not only is it rather creepy and unpleasant for me to always feel the chip (because it's on the front of his upper leg when I pet him), but now I'm worried that if he gets out and found that his back will be scanned and nothing will register because the chip is in his leg. He's inside only and wears a collar with tags...but he was once feral and does try to get out occasionally.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Will the chip go even further down his leg as he grows? (He is currently 7 months old.) Will the microchip scanner pick up the chip anywhere in his body?
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I have seen chip readers used all over the body... i wonder if it is the same idea as the shots in the leg in case of cancer
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I don't know cause I don't deal with chips. But if the cat is more of an oriental type, the refinement will not get "fat" - the legs will always be slender. I wonder if its common for the chip to be moving in the body????
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Chesters moved into his body and the vet said that's really quite normal, which is why they always do full body scans. She wasn't concerned, and therefore neither am I. As for the lump, Chester is a DSH, so I can't feel his....
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Wow, I'd be freaked out, too, but since none of my cats have chips (grr.), I hadn't heard of anything like this happening. Good to hear that others have been told it's normal, though. =)
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As others have already said, it's not unusual for the chip to move. That's why we always scanned all over the body when an animal came in. Don't worry yourself about that.
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OK....I'm feeling much better now knowing that the entire body is scanned. For some reason I thought they'd just scan the back and his chip would not register. Now I just hope it moves somewhere other than the front of his leg/shoulder where I feel it all the time when I pet him.
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Bumper's chip migrated and the vet put a second one in free of charge because if it does migrate to an area where it gets covered in too much muscle or fat some less sensitive readers can have have a problem reading the chip.

Just have your vet check that it is still readable each time you go in
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