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Special Dinner!

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I went shopping today and got Chynna and Abby something special for New Years Eve dinner. I figure it was only right since I was having something special.

Abby is such a picky eater, well not picky really; she only likes her veterinarian dry. Not that that is a problem really, but it's dry and loaded with carbs and she is packing on the pounds I've been trying to get her onto canned food without any luck because she gives a few licks and then buries it

Chynna on the other hand has been eating wet food for several months now and snacking during the day and night on Abby's dry. She has lost weight

Today I bought 4 of those little tins of "Fancy Feast." Chynna had turkey and Abby had grilled salmon. I gave Abby only about 1 teaspoon figuring she would do what she always does; lick it twice and then bury it!

Instead she licked it a couple of times and then dug right in \t She actually ate 1/2 of a small tin

So now I feel like a great meowmy because my baby had a special dinner too and wasn't left out

I'm going to try giving her 1/2 a tin in the morning and again at dinner and 1/2 of the amount of dry that I was leaving out and see if that satisfies her tummy.
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all my fur babies are having a New Years dinner too, the kitty's are having fancy feast, the dogs are having Ceaser's dinners, and we are having Barbeque ribs, after reading you Dinner choices. I decide ribs sound pretty good too me, my mouth was watering, I can smell them cooking.
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I'm not doing anything special for New Year's but Mattie got Fancy Feast on Christmas and is getting it on her birthday (January 4th) too.
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