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Im new to the forum and have 2 dogs and 1 5wk old kitten we just got. we adore this little girl and after receiving from the pound took to the vet and got a check up. everything was good to go, good health, etc. 3 days ago until now she has been sneezing constantly about 3 times per min. any help towards this little kitten would be greatly appreciated i will take to the vet again if needed of course, but didnt know if this could be a minor cold and to wait out. thanks in advance!
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fyi...shes really congested...
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It could be an upper respiratory infection. I highly recommend a trip to the vet for antibiotics!
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Sounds like that to me too. I would take her to teh Vet and get Meds.
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Especially at 5 weeks old...she can't afford to miss many meals, and congested kitties tend to not eat. (It's very common in shelter cats to get a cold - the vet should know what to prescribe.)
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Colds in cats are more seriuos than in dogs so you never should wait and see:_)
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Sending good vibes your way for kitty. Yes, I agree, get her back to the vet asap.
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