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pregnant cat colouration

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Hey i was just wandering what colours my sisters cats kittens are going to come out as.

The story is that this colorless cat kept coming next to her door every night.
and as soon as her cat come out they used to run and jump over the walls.
So a few weeks later my sister realised this cat was actually feral and never
returned anywhere at night and slept in her shed.
she also realised the cat was pregnant and from then on took care for it.
Now the cat will soon give birth and i was just wandering.

If the dad is a tuxedo colour print(black n white)
and the mum is a tabby (mainly browns, blacks, whites)
what colour could the babies possibly come out as ?

Dont worry they getting spayed and stuff after(male cat already sorted)
And we have also found homes for the new babies...
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Here is a link that may help you out: http://www.geocities.com/purrceptive.rm/catColor2.html
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Ok dad is black/white; mom is brown tabby (with or without white?) Brown tabby gentically is a "black" so this is what you probably will get.

Brown tabbies (with or without white) - if both cats have white on them, you are more likely to get tabby/white in the majority.



Now if both parents are carrying dilute color of "blue" (grey) you will get the above but substitute the color brown with "blue"; e.g. Blue Tabby/white, etc.

If you get any torties, calicos, or patched tabbies in the mix - something with red or cream mixed in, then those kittens will be female and they will have had a different dad then the black/white one (a red or cream tom).
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Well that geocity site doesn't have black/white for male
but it is pretty good.

I don't exactly know if the male has dilute Grey in it
but when i do groom it and get out all the excess hair,
it is Grey so im guessing that counts as dilute Grey.
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No that is just dead hair. Blue is a color - its the dilute version of black. The cats would have to be carrying that color gene - like if a parent or grandparent was blue (grey).

And the color chart never lists (white) with a bicolor. You use the basic cat color in the chart - meaning male is "black" and female is "brown tabby". If you understand basic genetics you'll understand the chart a little better. That's why I gave you the basics of what you get wiithout the chart.

The chart can sometimes be a bit confusing
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