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My fright for the day :P

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I went shopping earlier today; was gone from home about 4 hours. Came home and realized the door hadn't shut behind me when I left. Egads! What if the cat's got out? Lexi and Zac were waiting for me just inside the door where they normally are, no problem there. I left the groceries on the porch, and went in the house; Tady Bear came out from behind the recliner; slightly strange, as that is Paisley's spot. But thankfully, he was home, so all was good. Paisley was in my bedroom... probably because Tady took her spot behind the recliner. So, 4 accounted for. Just needed to find TC; not an easy task, as she's the new girl, and I don't know her habits yet. And she doesn't come if I call her. So I go searching, searching, no sign of her. I'm about to go outside and start trying, when she sneaks out of the TV room. I've looked there 10 times already, so where she could have been, beats me. But she's safe! So, I open up the new bag of cat treats I bought, and dump them all on the carpet, and just sit there petting everyone, and telling them how wonderful they all are, and how good they are not to have run away while I was gone.

Afterwards I notice that Tady Bear's back is wet, and then see him shaking his paws when he walks. His feet are all wet and dirty, too. So then I take a peek outside, and sure enough; cat pawprints walking from the steps around to the otherset of steps, then out to the middle of the yard, then back again to the door. So he did get curious, got out, then somehow managed to open the door and get back in again! Thank goodness for that. For an indoors kitty, that's pretty good; but oh, may he never, ever do it again! He's chipped, but I have little faith in those things. And what I would do if he wasn't home someday.

Thing is, I know that door sticks, and I always check it before I leave. I don't know why I forgot this time, but I sure won't again.
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So they had there little adventure than decided to come back home! Thats cute. If my cats got out I know I would never seen them again.
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That's what I would have thought; but then, Tady has gotten out before. It's just it's always been when I've been right there to chase him. I usually either catch him, or scare him so that he runs back to the house. He's actually why I got them all chipped; the thought of having no way for someone else to know he was mine.. yikes.

I'm still surprised he came back in. And feeling rather lucky. What if something had frightened him, and he'd bolted into the woods instead? Darn it, what if I'd come home earlier, and my car had frightened him. I keep thinking of all the bad things... I just can't believe my luck in all this. By rights, he should have been gone.
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