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Friday DT

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Finally, I'm the first to start a DT!

The weather here is nice and sunny! Not warm at all, but I love the sunshine! This weekend we're suppose to have a high of -16C!!! I'm sooooo sick of this cold weather!!

This has been a very long week since Rob has been away in Denver. He's coming home this afternoon. Woohooo!!! I've been worried about the border being on a higher alert status and Rob having problems getting back across, expecially if there was an attack this week.

Nakita has started a routine. She does a gymnastic routine every morning on her scratching post. She does a sort of forward flip off it! Strange cat!

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful day and weekend. And I finally get my honey home!


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hello all!

Perhaps you could get Nakita to meet Hissy's Geronimo!

The cats are crazy at the moment, running around all over the place - I could hardly have any room to myself in bed last night, cats on both sides of me, sure they kept me warm, but I could not move.

Going out for mexican tonight, Jakes idea of a romantic meal - and we go there quite often. Mind you, Jake isnt one of those romantic types, but thats okay.

Yesterday I got a letter from one of my good friends, she was one of the first people in the US to befriend me and now shes in prison - her dumb boyfriend beat a man to death and she was there so....she wont be getting out til she is a grandmother. I miss her, but I wish she had better taste in men.

Well, I hope you all have a great day and enjoy your valentines!
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What on Earth could she have been charged with if her boyfriend did it? Did she just have a lousy lawyer? I'm staying home, so eat some nachos for me, K?

I would love to see Nakita's gymnastic routine . The only gymnastic act Willie does is running from my son (Don't worry, he only likes to chase, he doesn't actually want to catch)
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Well, as it happens, I think it does fall under whatever law they have because she was there and didnt report it or anything like that, the man was left where he died and found like 3 days later. But, yeah, her attorney was lousy also. Shes appealing her case though, but shes still waiting.
She was charged with 2nd degree murder - they wanted her for first, but when they went to trial they tried to get the jury to say manslaughter but because of the way he died, (he had tic tac toe carved into his back with a knife) they went for 2nd degree.
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Whatever stupid mistakes I make, don't let me get involved with a guy who carves things into dying people.

Still, keeping her that long for accesory... I hope she does better on her appeal.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
........because she was there and didnt report it or anything like that, the man was left where he died and found like 3 days later....but because of the way he died, (he had tic tac toe carved into his back with a knife) they went for 2nd degree.
OMG!! Tic Tac Toe?! That is like something from a horror movie! Ick! I'm sorry, but if you see someone kill a person, you have to report it. There is a serious problem if you don't.

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I agree with you Kass. She made a mistake and now has to pay the price. It was stupid of her. But shes still my friend, and the girl I know is good to me.
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Hello everybody! I am recovering from a nasty sinus infection - I was off work the last 2 days and probably should be off today. The cats were mad at me this morning for leaving - they had gotten used to snuggles during the day. I may not make it a full day.

One good thing about today is that I won the Valetines day basket at work. It has sparkling wine, 2 wine glasses, chocolates, candles, movie passes and chocolate body tattoo kit. It should be a fun evening at my house!

My kitties have also been going crazy the last few days running all over the house. Maybe we have a full moon approaching.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's day and a wonderful weekend!
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Newbie question alert! uhhh, DT? Huh?

Heehee, Willie is so funny... he just stood up on his hind legs and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that I'm supposed to be petting him!
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DT is daily thread

Aww Willie sounds so cute! Peedoodle taps me on the shoulders all the time in the mornings to tell me to get up.

Looks like the UN Security council is on telly now. I hope that this issue can be resolved without going to war.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Looks like the UN Security council is on telly now. I hope that this issue can be resolved without going to war.
I do too, but I'm not holding out much hope. I have serious problems with he way this whole thing has been handled, and that includes the gulf war. To me, war is a last resort, and I really don't think that we've run out of options.
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This is what I think of Valentine's Day!!!
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Valentines day? whats that?
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Lizza - what an adorable pic.

Normally hubby and I don't celebrate the day (we feel we should celebrate our love everyday and not just one day a year). But tonight we will celebrate with the gift basket I won - I am looking forward to the chocolate body tattoos!
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Last day at work full-time!!!!
(Thank you everyone for listening to my countdown all week!)

Happy Valentine's Day!!
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I don't know if we're going out to eat or, not. Bill may be planning a surprise. If not, I've got fixing for chicken Parmesan.

It has been raining, most of the day. The sun came out, for about 20 minutes but its gone now. My backyard is a sea of mud and guess where Pearl is sprawled out? We keep a carpet remnant and an old quilt on the patio, for them but, THEY want to lie in the mud.

Opie and Rowdy have the right idea. They got up early, ate and went back to bed.


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feeling really yucky - going home 2 hours early! Have a nice weekend!
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Mike got me a rose and a card, yesterday. I'm making a cross-stitch heart/rose for him, if I can ever get it finished. I was up until 5am this morning working on it! Curse me for starting things so late! Anyway, we're gaming tonight, so we're not doing anything special.
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There are no good restaurants where we live, so hubby is taking me out to a nice restaurant about 30 miles away for dinner tomorrow. I think we'll see a movie first, then have our late valentines night out. Yippee!

It is raining and raining and raining here. When we got up this morning the basement was already flooded. The cats love it when it rains like this because they get to play in the streams that form in our basement (no joke).

I just turned in an application to go to China this summer with a small group of faculty. I had to write an essay to explain why I would be a good choice. I hope I am one of the 5 or 6 people selected! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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wow lotsocats - thats GREAT! I will have good thoughts zooming your way to get you that trip to China!

I just got back, saw some friends that I havent seen in almost 2 years. One of them asked me to join her group for scrapbooking - what is scrapbooking? I was too embarrassed to ask but I gave her my email address anyway.

We went and had mexican for dinner tonight, yummy. I think I am ready to put on my jammies.

Oh, i got some perfume today, it smells gorgeous - Jake and I were walking in downtown Asheville, I love it there, and we saw a quaint little shop called 'My Native Ireland' and we thought we would have a look and they had all sorts of Irish perfume there, and i fell in love with one and Jake bought it for me. Aint he sweet?
Then we stopped for some chai tea at a new cafe.
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Kellye...And you said Jake isn't romantic....

Renae that would be incredible if you got to go to China!!! We'll have to clear off all the photos on the site so you could post ALL of yours! LOL

Marcy, that's usually what I'm doing the night before Christmas Eve when we exchange presents. LOL Finishing the cross stitch that should have been done months before!

Congrats on making it through the week Big Kat!

Ady, I've never seen the chocolate body tat's before! Those sound fun.

Earl's getting dinner ready as we speak. He made a pork roast, slow roasted in the crock pot. I snagged a couple beers from yesterday's office meeting, so that's my contribution.
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speaking of body chocs, someone told me today about a new store in asheville called Chocolate Fetish and that their chocs were handmade and so we checked it out - the prices were eyepopping! But they sell the chocolate body paint there. We didnt buy any, the store was busy.

Jake is full of surprises at the moment!
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Ady - I'm sorry you don't feel well! And especially after you won the Valentine's basket. Hope the rest of your weekend is better!

Renae, I really hope you get to go!!! Gary and I have been studying Mandarin for a while now. I'm terrible with languages to begin with, so I pretty much just know how to say "hi," still. But Gary is great with Languages (already speaks Hebrew and Arabic, and can get by in German, French, Italian and Spanish. He's got a fair amount of Korean down from the dry cleaner, and is doing pretty well with the Mandarin). One of the new jobs we were considering is for the largest brokerage firm in China. Bringing Chinese companies public is going to be big business the next few years, especially as China is basically the world's only growth engine currently. I so, so hope you get to go. How exciting!!!!!!

Myste - hope you finished your cross-stitch for Mike. I'm sure he'll love it. I still "owe" Gary a knitted throw blanket. I'm about 2/3 done - but I started it in the Spring.

Cindy....I doubt I'm alone. Wondering what surprise was in store!

Sunni Jean - CONGRATS!!!!!!

WillieWZ - just a few weeks ago we would have fainted if one of our cats did that (they're all feral rescues). But Spooky opened up, and now it almost seems like she wants TOO much attention! Wow. I can't imagine I'm saying that. !!! :tounge2:

Kellye - you're a loyal friend. But that's rough!

Kass - hope you're cuddled up with Rob right now! Great day for him to come home.

Binkyhoo - . THAT's what valentine's day is!

I had such a great day, I had to post a separate note about it! :tounge2:
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Heidi - enjoy dinner! You may be frustrated with the ninny, but I sure think he loves you!

Kellye - mmmmm!
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I'm so glad you people are having such great Valentine Days! We don't really celebrate it here so it was nice to read about everyone's experiences!
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