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KatKwiz poll is closed

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I have tried to incorporate everything that people made comments on and voted on to some degree to try and satisfy as many people as possible. Give this a chance for one month. I will carefully keep track of who is winning and the times and will attempt to adjust the complexity of questions each day so that people with less than 1200 posts and those with 1200 posts or more can win. If, after one month it is seen that one group is winning far more than expected, the time constraints can be changed appropriately.

If you see a glaring error in the rules let me know. There is only a certain amount of time that I am alloted to edit a post (a future KatKwiz question?) You can view the rules by clicking on here in my siggy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have fun playing KatKwiz. We have a lot more points to give away this year (I am amazed). I will do my utmost to make this a fun learning game but changes to rules in the future will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Thank all of you that participated in the poll. Tomorrow you can win 2008 points.
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I can't wait for this to start again. Good Luck to everyone!
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Lee, if there are problems with the kick-off, I hope that our members will be adult enough to handle them, and that they'll allow you enough time to straighten things out, with the help of the mods and administrators, if needed. It's a trite phrase, but "practice (really) makes perfect", and I'd like to think that our TCS members aren't petty or juvenile enough to start complaining right away if the the system isn't perfect.
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