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Question of the Day - December 31st

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What do you remember most about this past year? one bad, one good

My bad is the great Hades vs Poseidon war, 2 months of death matches and alley cat screams at 3 a.m.

My good is getting my new position with the company. My old office was under threat of closing so I put in for this one
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My bad is some tough times with my father's declining health. Good is the shock when I received a letter in the mail about some unexpected money.
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Bad - the passing of my dear
Bo. He was 17.

Good - I adopted my Manny man!
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Bad: My struggle with anxiety, I've gone through some rough times this year.

Good: Taking in the three pregnant cats at the beginning of the year, and watching their kittens be born and raising the kittens (and ultimately keeping a bunch of them, lol).
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The bad: Losing Davidson in March, being unemployed for 7 months & losing everything we own to the flood in August.

The good: Adopting Bayley, finding my dream job, & getting back into our very own apartment
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Bad: Trying to get my data to say something meaningful so I can publish and finish my MS
Good: Adopting Ares and Hypnos
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Good: Getting engaged and setting our wedding date for 2/5/08

Bad: September - Tigger died on 9/11/07, and my grandpa died on 9/27/07.
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Bad: Moving away from my friends.

Good: Finding Holden.
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Bad- losing my job
Good- Getting Hemi
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Good: Getting married to the love of my life (who drives me crazy!)
Bad: His grandmother dying from an ongoing battle with cancer
Better: She made it to our wedding!
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Bad: breaking up with my bf of 3 years
Good: finding myself (and then getting back with bf of 3 years after almost a year apart and A LOT of changes). There were so many more good than bad this year I don't want to post them all. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of bad, but the good ended up outweighing the bad.
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Good was Veeshan Granding.

Bad when Simba passed away.
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Bad: My dad died.

Good: I finally got a job thats not working with food, and got promoted to supervisor after about 4 months of working there.
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Good: Getting engaged! (we're getting married March 29!), Colin getting our rescued Carolina Dog, Whiskey, Getting the job i'm at now as our shelter's vet. tech, Colin letting me bring my other kitties over to his house and move them in and also letting me officially adopt Kojak!, seeing sooo many of my foster fur babies go to good homes!!, my sister and her family decided not to move out of state and to stay right here

Bad: Finding out i have a MIL from hell, finding out i have PCOS and might not be able to have children of my own, The car wreck i was in back in Aug. (it really scared me, i'm still not over it completly.), My estranged "father" tried to committ suicide multiple times (things are just not good), Finding out Colin is considering going back in the Navy as an active reservist instead of continuing to be an individual ready reserve like he is now- which means the chances of him being recalled and deployed will be much higher if he goes through with it
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Good has to be getting Maisie

Bad was Kittys reaction and the months of stress! I kind of miss my bedroom but she`s worth it and Kitty has come home again and is more like his usual self
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Good: Adopting Daphne , getting my bachelor's degree , sister having opportunity to teach in Germany

Bad: still at the job I hate, some health scares with the kits, sister in Germany for a year
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Bad: Loosing a lot of shelter kitties I've loved, loosing my own Sandy Paws, Molly in general....

Good: Damita's still here , I've fostered many wonderful dogs that have gotten homes because of that....
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Bad: My deeply loved and missed Grandma passing away in March. I miss you, Grandma.

Good: Making definitive decisions about a new career path.
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Bad: My Daughter's Grandma died, My FIL is in liver failure. A friend of the family Cathy died of breast cancer, at 36, leaving three children under 4.

Good: Finding Lucky on the lawn, Bottle feeding Lucky, Kittynapping my feral Gus, My son went from a D student to a B+ student. having three healthy happy kids.
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bad: hearing that my boyfriend's ex was trying to get money out of us, for a child that wasn't even his

& having a miscarriage

good: moving into my own place with my boyfriend

& getting my cat's Sparkle & Glamorous
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Bad was Ben missing 55 days of school from late Dec. to the end of last school year.
Good was finding a wonderful public school, paid for by our county, that deals with kids with similar problems. Ben got a perfect attendance award in November!

Happy New Year to All!
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Good: My wedding and Honeymoon to Hawaii

bad: getting a long term sub job then losing it with one day warning in the middle of the day.
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Bad..... Metallica passing away and our neighbor burning down our deck and almost our apartment

Good.....We got Leya, found Stuart, and bought Thor I got three babies this year!!!
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I'm only allowed one of each???

Good: Getting engagedandnewjob

Bad: Being unemployedforamonthand3catsgettingsickonestayinginthehosipitalforaweek
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The worse day was March 15th when I had to Have Flip put to sleep.

The best were March 21st when I brought Linus home and Nov 15th when I brought Pixie Home.
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