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If you are interested in showing your cats here's how

(For US people)

If you have a pedigree, you have to first have permission from the breeder to show the cat (if bought for show, you would have the necessary papers). There are a few major associations to choose from CFA (largest), TICA, and ACFA. You will need to have your cat registered in these associations in which you want to show.

If showing mixed breeds the only requirements are spay/neuter if 8 months of age or over and CFA bans declawed cats (TICA & ACFA allow it but don't encourage it).

To prepare your cat for showing:

1. Have lots of people (male, female, kids) handle your kitten/cat to get used to strangers. A good place to do that is Petco or Petsmart. Also gets them used to noises (like being in a show hall).

2. Better to get them used to car riding as early as possible so they associate with something better then a vet visit

3. Grooming - very important you get your cat used to a grooming routine and bath (including nail cutting, combing, blow dry (if longhair), etc.

Things to take to show:

Cage curtains for 3 sides of the cage and top and bottom.
Cat bed
Grooming supplies (combs, cotton balls, nail clippers, q-tips, powder)
Pen for writing in the catalog all your cat's wins
Lunch unless you want to buy it
Cat food and water bowl with water from home
Cat carrier (either hard plastic or the soft sided)

If you get into showing more then once or twice a year, its wise to invest in one of the portable show cages you will see at the shows. Look online for bargins (we got ours on sale for 1/2 price) - they usually run about $150 regular price.

IMO its better to "buy" an extra half cage for your cat if you are showing only one because you will get more room, especially if your spouse or SO or friend comes with you.

Let the entry clerk know you are a novice exhibitor - they usually will send you some other show info to help you out.

You will know if your cat likes showing or not; if not, please don't force them to show - try another cat at another time. Its not fair for kitty to be upset and upset the other kitties around them. Some exhibitors are really hard-headed about that!

Go with the attitude of learning, having fun and don't expect a final - that way if you get one, you will be thrilled I do that with all my cats - don't expect, and usually am very pleasantly surprised

I will tell you that in any catagory (Kitten, Adult, Alter (or Premier) and HHP (household pets) that the competition is tough and you have to have a very well groomed cat to compete! Most exhibitors will be glad to help you out if you have questions and just introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know this is your first time. They will help explain what's going on in the ring.

Another tip - mark your catalog in the show schedule as to when your cat will be judged, so you know about when you will be under a certain judge. Each judge is like a "separate" show - if you don't win in one ring, you may in another.

Try it and see how well you like it and your cat likes it. If any other questions, ask and there are several in here that are seasoned cat showers I can help with questions for CFA or ACFA.