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Happy Valentine's Day!

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It's Valentine's Day!

A day for memories of my baby Tigger. Tigger was hit by a car February 14th 2001. He had two broken legs and a torn jaw. Luckily he survived. Last year he ran away and never returned, I miss my baby so much! Prayers for Tigger, wherever he is.

On February 14th 2002, Peppurr went missing. He was missing for three days! I searched the whole house and yard for him. I called him on the third night and I heard a faint meow. He was under the house, cold and hungry. I was so thankful to have my sweety home!

Today, February 14th 2003, I was laying on the couch with Peppurr when all of the sudden, he started scratching me. He jumped up on the window ledge and stared out the window. I heard a car take off, and when I looked out the window, half of my fence was torn down. Somebody pulled the fence down with their car! There were 3" deep tire marks in the driveway, which is gravel. How could anybody be so ignorant?!

I still love Valentine's Day, but now I know that every time February 14th comes around, something bad is going to happen!
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OMG! Crazy-Cat-Lover, that's crazy! What happened? Was he drunk? I guess you wouldn't know that...Did you get a look at the car or licence plate? At least something good came of your cats this valentines day, he showed you this horrible incident. But, the day is young so keep those kitties on a tight leash today. Don't want any repeats of the last few years.
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Crazy-Cat-Lover, my heart aches for you this day!!! But let's put our heart and soul into positive thoughts, and I'm sending you THIS WILL BE THE YEAR THAT TURNS IT ALL AROUND thoughts!

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Happy Happy Day
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Thanks everyone! All my kitties are safe downstairs. I am happy now, all my kitties are here, my fence is tied up with a rope and I am eating chocolates !

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Chocolate cures anything. I got a 1 lb. dark chocolate Whitman's sampler and a rose. Rowdy keeps trying to eat the rose and the baby's breath, though.
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