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Possible new foster

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Had a phone call off a lady earlier, asking for help with a stray cat (thanks vets!!). She has been feeding him a few weeks now, while asking around, and also incase he went home, but she now thinks he has got too lost - very friendly and affectionate big ginger tom, so she feels he should have a home somewhere. The only thing she hasn't got round to doing is checking him for a chip, but I have a vet app on Wed, and they are happy for me to take him along to scan. She thinks he is only about 2 or 3, and would keep him herself, but has a 14yo nervous female who isnt' in the best of health. She is going to shut him in when he comes for his tea, and I can nip up and collect him. If he is scanned and has no chip, then i shall be ringing round local rescues in case they have reported him, but there are very few houses where he has turned up. Will certainly be the last foster of the year!!
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oh how exciting! A nice ginger boy for you! hope he's just lost his way and has someone looking for him
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Thanks, only a couple of hours till she is going to feed him, hopefully he is good at being put in a carrier!!
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WEll, he turned up early, so I went up and fortunately they had some gloves, cos he is a very strong cat!! Very large, slightly fluffy dark ginger, fingers crossed he has a chip on Wed, as he is very nice natured. My sis can have the pleasure of naming him. If not, I shall be making some phone calls on Thurs. And the lady is happy to help us out if she can, and will drop us some food and stuff off as a thank you. Nice to meet nice cat people
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Welcome to your new ginger boy. that he's chipped, and somebody is looking for him.
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Thanks, I shall post some pics when he settles down and comes out of hiding.
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Well, he has a name, which is Felix. We had a childhood ginger and white cat called Felix (looks very similar to Ginger in my siggy), so my mum suggested it for this one, and I think it is a nice tribute.
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Aww, I hope he has a chip! Good luck Felix!
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Aww, Felix is a great name! Can't wait to see pictures!!
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Awww, how exciting! Can't wait to see pics of Felix!
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WEll, he still hasn't eaten yet, poor babe, but has used the tray, and if he is male, definitely neutered. He loves to be in the 'den' and adores being fussed, within minutes he was letting me stroke his belly!! Pics aren't the best, but hopefully they show him off well, i think he is just a big framed cat, as you can feel his ribs without too much pressure, and his fur is soo thick, plush and soft, it is wonderful to stroke.

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Awww! Look at him! He looks like he could be Kittys brother

I hope he eats a little something soon.
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He is adorable!!
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Awwww, what a big baby!! He's lovely
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What a beauty! He just looks like a great big lovebug. I hope he has something to eat soon
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He was out in the open earlier, he is just a big cat, not fat, and is a bit on the thin side in my opinion. Never come across a shorthaired cat who has such thick, fluffy fur - couldnt tell if he is male, as there was so much fur there, and he kept putting his tail in the way!! He has had some dry food, so better than nothing even though it wasn't a lot.
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Felix went to his new home today, and has been renamed Garfield. Some of you may have seen that one of my former fosters died on Saturday, well, they have opened their heart up to this lovely man, I am very pleased, they are wonderful people, and wonderful wtih cats (they fussed everyone and played with Rolo). I have already had an update on him!!

Hi Desley,
Thankyou so much for today it's helped alot, we know that garfield will never really replace Jet she will always have a special place in our heart - we plan to plant a catnip plant in the garden in her memory which i'm sure garfield will enjoy.

We got him home without too much trouble though he did manage to reach his paw far enough through the carrier bars my leg got his claws a few times but i guess he wanted some comfort as i could stroke his paws without incident. he did pee in the carrier but no sickness or panting just comforting fuss through the bars.

at the moment he has somehow managed to find refuge under our bookcase - it can't be comfy underthere it's about 3 inches in height so i hope it's only short term.

we will keep in touch in regards to his progress

thanks again
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