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OMG, Dixie was sitting on the entry rug tonight and cupid was walking out of the bedroom. All of a sudden Dixie jumped up and attacked Cupid. Usually Cupid beats on Dixie, giving her a rather rough swat or two if she happens to get near. Cupid has always been quite the cranky one. But this was just as if poor Dix had enough and wasnt going to take getting swatted so she suprise attached her. Now poor Cupid is hiding in her room and wont come out. And Dix got sevearly reprimanded. Right afterwards she was back romping with the kittens and has never so much as growled at one of them. Cupid seams ok despite being scared out of her mind. I checked her over and there were no actaul bite marks, just some slobber. But i dont know what to do. I am scared to leave them alone, If anything were to happen to the old lady i would be devistated. Usually we do take Dixie with us but on occasion we have to leave her and even shutting the doors between them dont work because cupid can open them anyway. How do i get Cupid to rejoin the rest of the world, or should i let her just decide on her own? And how to i keep Dix from attacking cats, because i wont have that at all for any reason.
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We keep the dogs closed up in one room, with a bungee cord around the two French door handles as Ben can pull them open.
Zoey can enter and leave that room through a pass-through (basically a window with no glass), as she likes.
The kittens are closed up in my daughter's bathroom when we aren't around. I plan to continue this as long as necessary for my comfort.

Zoey will chase my son's dog - a miracle that Scally isn't beat up.
My dogs leave the cats alone. They are at risk for the big lugs accidentally stepping on them however.
So far, Zoey is watching the kittens. No hissing, chasing. Not bad for two weeks out.
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