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Coco stil has Blood in her Urine

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I wipe her and see blood. I do not see it in her Urine. She will go to the Vet in 1.5 weeks. The Vet does know about it. Why is it taking so long for her to get better? Some of it looks like dried Blood. Its been over a month already. She did have a Utra Sound and does have a thick Bladder.
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What has the vet done about finding the blood source?? is the dried blood new??? Somethime s kitties take along time to heal ... was this a UTI or surgery??? SORRY if I should know
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Its a Bad Infection. The Vet said its from her Infection. She had the test that tells what Meds to use. The vet is saying it might take awhile to heal. Last time she had a Badder infection it took 2.5 Months to heal. The blood isnt there all the time and its not alot. Its like smaler then dime size. Coco is also old.
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She isnt barfing the new Med now. She barfed it once when she first got it. The Blood looks dry and old. The vet did say it might take a long time to get better.
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Hope your kitty get better soon.
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She eats fine now and there is still dry blood. She gos to the Vet again when the meds are gone.
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OHH and
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Coco never had a Infection until she was 14. This is her 2nd one in a year. she did have a very bad Cold before she got this infection. She got clavamox and a Pred Shot and Cold and Asthma got better. Could the Pred have set off the Bladder Infection?
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pred can do alot of things but since it is a anti inflamatory I would not think it would cause that ... when was the last senior panel done??? Kandie got her first UTI at 17
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Prednisone won't cause an infection, but it does slow down the body's ability to recognize and respond to an infection. If the Clavamox was given at the same time the prednisone was given, it shouldn't have been an issue at all.
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It was done last year when she got her first Bladder Infection. The Vet said her numbers were good for her age. It looks like the blood is starting to go away now with the Cepalexen. The Pred shot was with the Clavamox. She gets the Shot when her Asthma gets real bad and it helps her alot.
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