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Photos from Australia Zoo!

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We went to Australia Zoo for the day - there was 6 adults and 8 kids ranging from 15 months to 14 years old (an assortment of cousins, nephews, and my brothers step-kids)! We were there all day, and amazingly there was not one tear, no complaining, no fighting, no whingeing - I couldn't believe how well behaved they all were! It was a very fun day, but definitely exhausting making sure we didn't lose anyone (young or old!).

The Small Clawed Asian Otters

A big ol' goanna

Giant Land Tortoise

The impressive "Crocoseum" where they hold the croc shows twice a day

They had elephants

Snakes (swimming next to the guy)


Beautiful black cockatoos

And Terri Irwin!

As well as the crocs of course

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And Aussie animals:


Me feeding some kangaroos


Ignore the poo...

An emu

And a jabiru

And wombats

And taking one for a walk

The staff taking a croc for a walk...

It was a great day, and I highly recommend going if you get the chance
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Those were some really neat pictures!!!! That's really cool that Terri was there!!!!

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Oh wow! That looks awesome! I would have been wanting to cuddle those baby kangaroos and that koala (poo and all, hehe)
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It looks like you had SOOO much fun!! Thanks for sharing!!
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LOVELY pics...
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I love this picture! It's cute and funny. I'm envious that you got to see Terri! Was her daughter there too?
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A wombat?!?! I've always loved them.

And even when koalas poo they're cute!
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What exciting photos. I'd love to visit your home country Sarah. Looks like you had a lovely visit and thanks for sharing the photos with us.
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what great pics!! all those animals are so adorable except that goanna that black cockatoo is stunning!
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OHHH my - I'll take the cute little otters, the black cockatoo (never new they came in that color) and one of those kangaroos. Love the Irwin pictures too. I'm so jealous !
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