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What do you guys do to de-stress?

I usuallly curl up in front of the fireplace with good book...or take a walk with one of my dogs all three get a little stressing so one is good when I want to de-stress...If I have the time and money to go somewhere I go to the beach and watch the sun rise with a good cup of hazlenut coffee
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I play video games. Call Of Duty 4, it is a shooter game. relieves stress immediately! Holden sits on my shoulder and watches the action too!
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I don't have much stress to deal with but when I am a little stressed out I usually crank up some Maiden (or other head bangin' music) and rock out. Video games also help.
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Relax? I have heard of that, but don't remember what it is like. 2 jobs, a house and a SO who wants the house to himself when he is off doesn't leave a lot of time for it. Before I leave for work I try to sneak in some cleaning and laundry, but usually end up leaving early if I have something to do outside the house or if he is up and doing something. I am trying to get in some overtime, I might as well be getting paid if I am going to be out of the house.
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I generally take a long soak in the tub, then curl up in front of the TV with the cats. I also find video games great for de-stressing as well. I prefer puzzle games like tetris that you really have to focus on.
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Surround myself around Sash, he's always upbeat and positive and always calms me down. I also enjoy going to sleep when I'm experiencing stress.
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A long hot bubble bath
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usually i spend time alone, am either on here or listening to music. sometime's i watch TV, that doesn't always help though, going for a walk's good as that i find clear's my head
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