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Kittens peeing on everything-HELP!

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I have 2 cats, both males from the same litter, 11 months old. When my kittens were about 3 months old they started peeing in the laundry basket. No big deal at the time because we've had cats do that before, but then they started going in my daughters closet, so we cleaned it up and now keep the closet door shut. But in just the last few months they started peeing on EVERYTHING...our beds, pillows, sofa, infront of the back door, on the bathroom rugs, my make-up table, the tops of the dressers, and yes, even the kitchen stove!

We had them fixed about 2 months ago, but just the past few days they've started again! Places they have never gone before! What do I do?? We wanted them to be indoor cats so we need it to stop. The vet told us once they are fixed they would stop, but they haven't! How long will it take?

They have 2 clean litter boxes, we do have a dog, but he was here before the cats were, and he spends most of the day outside and the cats seem to love him, so I don't think it's stress of having a dog, and when my husband brought the cats to the vet to be fixed, the vet told him both cats were very healthy. What can I do??? And I have 2 small children, it can't be healthy for my children to have the cats peeing everywhere, including their beds.


- Amy
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Welcome to TCS Amy!

Has your vet tested their urine to rule out a UTI(urinary tract infection)? That would be my first step.

If they are males, & were spraying prior to being neutered, this may be a developed habit. But to know if it is behavioral you first must rule out medical by testing them for UTIs.
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I would have the cats cheked for UTI!! You never know with those darn things! Ive heard in some males that if you dont get them snipped soon enough that they can do that too!
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Definitely vet check first. Males will spray and urinate as a territorial marking and if they were doing it prior to their neuter, they may be returning to previously marked areas from scent. You also mentioned you had a cat/s that peed in your laundry before. Were you living in the same home with your past cat/s? They could be picking up that scent as well. You need to be sure that their litter is cleaned every day, very accessible, and 2 litter boxes in the home. Also disinfect, clean all areas of scent, they sell some very good cleaners for this, and removing other targets.
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As cheylink alluded to, make absolutely certain that you use an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Nok-Out. If you don't, you are wasting your time because the cats will still be able to detect the scent of urine (even though you likely won't be able to) and therefore will be attracted to urinate again and again in those spots. You'll want to thoroughly soak all carpet/fabric areas --- there's no such thing as using too much cleaner. To ensure that you're applying the cleaner to every place that they've urinated, you'll want to get a blacklight and go around the house with it when it's completely dark. THe blacklight will show you where all of the urine spots are.
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Are they using the litter box at all? If not, perhaps they don't like the location (too noisy, etc.) or they don't like the litter you are using or they don't like the box (too small).

Have them checked by the vet for UTI (most times that's the reason for peeing outside the litter box). If clear, then you will have to play Sherlock Holmes and try different things. You might need 2-3 litter pans as some cats don't want to share.

And you need to clean all the spots they have used with a good cleaner - Nature's Miracle (get it at Petco) works pretty well - but you might have to use it more often and let it really soak in the spots to get all the urine smell out or they will go there again.

Confine the cats to one room with the litter pan and watch them - do not let them roam unsupervised till you are sure they are using the pan 100% of the time.
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