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Belly rubs?

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Anyone else's cat LOVE belly rubs?? Antigone lays next to me while I'm on the computer and I "tickle" her tummy, she just loves it!! I even do the coochie coochie coo sounds Also, when I pet Nemesis, she will flop over and let me give her belly a good rub down- others will maul me if I even look at their tummies
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Both my girls love belly rubs, especially Kuce. She'll just flop down anywhere and stert purring very loudly. Lil' Jag only likes it for a short time. Sphinx never liked belly rubs - but I'll chalk it up to all his health problems. Luvbug doesn't like them yet, but he's getting there......
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I can rub Dorky's tummy, but the end result is bunny kicks. Otherwise, Damita loves her tummy rubbed! Lily will let me, but I always end up being bitten.
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Little Eek will still let me rub his belly but BooBoo does the whole bunny kick thing too!! Claws out and all!
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Both of mine love belly rubs! Abby loves them slightly more than Chynna does though.
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Holden will let me rub his belly if he is laying stretched out on his side. If he is on his back he does the "bunny kick" thing and tries to bite, but he does not use claws.
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Hypnos loves belly rubs! When you try and pet him the first thing he does is roll over to expose his belly and purrs loudly. Ares likes belly rubs only when he first wakes up
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Blossom used to hate it. Now she'll let you go from her neck to her mid section.
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Taco, Lt. Bear, Lilly, Captain Squishy and Spike all love belly rubs. Tabitha is the only one who really hates it, the rest will tolerate it for awhile before they start kicking.
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Wickett loves belly rubs! In fact, if he really wants one he'll do what I call the "flop & roll" (he also uses this move as a cute defense when he's in trouble). He'll flop over and roll onto his back and usually squirm around a bit like that until you can't take the cuteness and have no choice but to rub his big fluffy tummy!

Frankie doesn't mind it until she realizes it wasn't her idea.
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Mine like them too - but when she gets enough, she pushes me away with her back feet and digs her claws into my hand. Right now I have several painful clawmarks.

She's done this recently - and I thought she had something like what's called "distemper." But I see it's normal.
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I couldn't believe it when Butzie rolled over so I could pet her tummy. I always thought that cats did not like that. She either is on her side and I can pet her on the back or the tummy or she rolls on her back, puts up the front paws and meows at me. When she wants me to stop, she makes a move to bite me but she never does because I respect that motion. I like my hands, too!
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yeh hehe, both my cat's love this! they just lay on the bed, legs stretched up & purring really loudly, then they fall asleep LOL
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squishy does not like her tummy touched at all!
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Stan loves his belly rubs...sometimes he remembers he's not supposed to like it and then he bunny kicks, but 9 out of 10 times he loves it.

Bella will only let you touch her belly if she's sitting on your lap and you sneak your hand under there.
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Belly rubs are the ONLY thing Mattie likes, it seems. She is a sucker for them, she'll protest a little at first but then is purring like crazy.

Chloe doesn't care for them and thinks that you are playing with her, so it turns into a wrestling match.
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