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Hay Eating?

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Lately, my cats have been eating my Guinea Pigs's hay. They have always done it a bit but have never actually ate it, they had always chewed it and played with it but now they are actually chewing it and swallowing it. Can it hurt them, is it unhealthy? Should I stop them, if so how, they spend about 80% of there time in my room and about 50% of the time they are in my room, they are in the Guinea Pigs cage with them or playing with there hay (ya, they are wierd but they are best friends with the piggys) If I had too I could somehow make it so the cats cant get into their cage but the pigs and cats would both hate it. It doesnt seem to make them sick by eating it...could it though?
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I have no idea, but I would suggest giving your vet a call to see for sure. I'm sure they could tell you over the phone
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Id PM Sharky!! Thats the food expert!
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CALL the vet .. hay is a grass but should likely NOT be consumed by a cat
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Our cats are all hay eaters We've had house rabbits since the day they were born and they have always shared the bunnies' hay. Most of the time it, uh, makes a return trip

But they've never had any issues with it, and I compare it eating fresh grass: they're not eating it in huge amounts and it's certainly not going to clog their intestines. I wouldn't worry about it, personally.
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Okay, thanks everyone. I'm gonna give the vet a call and she what she says.
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