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What are your furbabies birthdays or gotcha days?

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What are your furbabies birthdays or gotcha days?

My babies:

Max- 10/23/2005
Sam-07/31/07(rough estimate)
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Trouts birthday is September 15th, 2004
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We give them all birthdates even though we may not know their exact birthdate.


Tabitha - 8/13/06 (estimate)
Spooky Bear - 9/22/06 (estimate)
Leo - 6/13/06
Lilly - 11/1/05 (estimate)
Grabat - 6/22/00 (estimate)
Spike - 2/14/07 (estimate)
Captain Squishy - 4/28/07
Garfield - 4/28/07
Lieutenant Bear - 5/9/07
Roxy - 5/13/07 (estimate)
Sofia - 5/13/06 (estimate)
Taco - 6/16/07
Woodward - 6/16/07


Thunder - 8/11/02
Sammy - 7/16/04
Marley - 9/16/05 (estimate)
Scooter - 12/11/06
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Chassis - 5/27/03
Caliper - 5/28/04
Tailpipe - 1/20/07
Katina & Monte - 7/23/07
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I really don't know any of their exact birthdays and I don't keep track of their gotcha days

Estimates of the ones I sorta know:
Antigone and Pandora: Jan 1st (they'll be 2!!)
Demeter: Valentine's day (she'll be 2 also!)
Medusa: no idea, but I got her the same time as Demeter, mid Junish
Gaia: I have absolutely no idea I got here in August though
Poseidon: no clue again, got him in Januray or February
Circe: same as Po, brought them both home the same day
Hades: again, no idea, but I got him 2 weeks after Po & Circe, and so began the most stressful 2 months EVER!!
Nemesis: got her a little after Hades, she slipped in while Po and Hades were trying to kill each other
Dionysius: don't know his birthday, got him in July
Electra: got her in August and she was approximately 7 months at the time, so we'll say Valentine's for her too
Perseus: I think I got him in September and he was 5 months then, so I'll say Easter
Apollo & Aphrodite: got them in October at 5 months of age, so I'll make Cinco de Mayo their birthday

I'm so bad with dates
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Tigger - gotcha day (1/8/2004) at about 14
Elsa - gotcha day (3/17/2005) at about 2
Smudge RIP - actual birthday 4/6/2005
Nadette - gotcha day (12/5/2005) at about 1 1/2
Smudge - actual birthday 4/6/2006
Clyde - gotcha day 3/24 or 25/2007 at about the age of 8
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Their birthdays are all estimates since they were all adopted.

Loki - Birthday: 12/20/2004; Adoption Day: 01/02/2007

Possum - Birthday: 09/02/2005; Adoption Day: 03/03/2007*

Lady (RB) - Birthday 08/05/1991; Adoption Day: 01/03/1992

*This is the day that I brought him into my home on a trial adoption basis, then I signed the papers to officially adopt him on 03/28/2007. I decided that the earlier date was whe I "adopted him into my heart" and is, therefore, the official adoption day.

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Well, the kittens are easy: all three were born on August 11, 2004.

We guesstimated Scully's birthday to be around January 18, 2004, while her 'Gotcha Day' is August 4, 2004 (just a week before her babies arrived).

Rex the rabbit's birthday is March 13, 1999. He's kind of an old fart
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I got Popsie on August 26 1991. He was eight weeks old so I figure he was probably born sometime around the begining of July.
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Mia and Marble's birthday: 3/13/2007 (estimate)
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Well i can only give a guestimation when it comes to our Squishy so given the vets best estimate we are going to celebrate her birthday on July 4th
so we will say Squishy 7/04/2007
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Gotchya Day: October 3, 2007
Birthday: No idea. Adoption place said she was 9-10 months old but then also said her birthday was April 1, 2007. There is just no way she was that young (6 months) when I adopted her, and my vet agrees. My vet guessed that she was between 1-2 years old. Based on all this, I'm guessing that her birthday was written backwards and they meant to write 01/04/07 instead of 04/01/07. So I celebrate her birthday on January 4th. (This Friday!!!)

Gotchya Day: November 10, 2007
Birthday: Approximately August 15, 2007. Will never know for sure, but that's the best guess. She was found at about 4 weeks wandering the streets with her sister and then was in a foster home until I adopted her.
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Abby's birthday is June 19, 1998. She came to live with me on October 25th.

Chynna was abandoned when her family moved out of a building I was living in. After a week of looking after her and advertising for her family, the security guards put her outside the building, which was sandwiched between 2 very busy streets front and back She was outside one night and I hear meowing that whole night outside my window. The next morning on my way to work I saw her in the bushes, terrified of the cars. She let me catch her after a valient chase through the shrubs. I took her upstairs and gave her some food and water and a litter box. She made herself right at home. When I got home from work I had intentions of taking her to the humane society. When I got home she was lounging on the bed. I picked her up she hugged me with her front legs and gave me lots of nose kisses. That was it! She adopted me! That was sometime in May (the 10th I think), 1993. The vet estimated her to be around 10 to 12 months old. So I estimate her birthday to be around April 1992.
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Eeks Birthday is October 27th of 2007, which I think is cool, cause thats my birthday too!!

BooBoo: Was born on my step brothers bed May 1st of 2001! (I gotta see it too! LOL) Needless to say, my step bro was less than thrilled! I gotta kick out of it though!! haha
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Jamie was born April 28, 1999.
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Coco I am not sure but she was born in Feb or March 1992 and we got her in April or May can not remember. She was a kitten
Meeko was born June 11 2000 but didnt live with me 2002 I did pick her when she was a kitten though
Yoshi was born Sept 23 2002 and was the only Kitten Meeko ever had
Sasha was born Aug 24 2006 and I got her November 2006
Oreo was born Aug 29 2007 and I got her in November
Stormy was Aug 1 2002 but she died Dec 5th from Kidney Failure
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We dont know our cats exact Birthdays but we estimated back from how ever many weeks old they were when we got them.
Hankie Pankies is July 1, 2002
Angel's is July 29, 2003
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My boys actually have *two* gotcha dates. My cousin rescued them in mid-July 2001 and gave them to me in early February 2003. Since the vet said they were 5-6 weeks old when they were rescued, my guess is that their birthday is early to mid-June 2001.
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Chestnut - B-day - 4/22/02, gotcha day - 12/5/07
Gizmo - B-day - Approx 6/15/05, gotcha day - 12/30/07 (will post pics soon)
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Gotcha day 6/24/2002.
Birthday sometime in 1993 or 1994 but not sure of the month or date so we go by 6/24/1993.

Gotcha day 7/17/2004
Birthday sometime in 2000. So we use 7/17/2000 when he came to stay with us.

Lil' Jag
Gotcha day November 20 (or so)/2004
Birthday 8/06/2004
She is the only one we know an almost certain day. We found her as a 3.5 month old kitten in the tirewell of my brothers car.

Sphinx RB -
Gotcha day 6/24/02
Rainbow bridge 7/28/04
Birthday - sometime in 1986, so we use the day we adopted him - 6/24/1986.
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Gotcha Day: April 11th, 2006 (found her at college). She was 5 months old.
Given Birthday: November 25th, 2005


Gotcha Day: July 2006 (day slips my mind). She was 3 months old.
Given Birthday: April 1st, 2006


Gotcha Day: December 27, 2007
Given Birthday: October 25, 2007
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Gotcha: October 2nd, 2007.
Given B-Day, September 28, 2006.

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I got Junior on 09/16/07 and he was approx 7 months old so I'll use 02/16/07 as his birthdate.

I got Missy on 12/08/07 and she was approx 4 months old so I'll use 08/08/07 as her birthdate.
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I don't know the exact dates any of my babies were born but, based on their ages when rescued, I've made up birth dates for them:

Katie - June 2, 1993
Gracie - May 8, 1999
Peter and Claire - July 29, 2004

Since it's been so long since I adopted my older girls, I don't remember they're exact gotcha days, but do know that Katie came home with me in mid-July of '93 and Gracie in late June of '99.

I'll always remember Pete's gotcha day because, at the time, it seemed like such a big deal to be adding a third cat to the household, especially a little feral boy. It was also a bitterly cold, icy day - Jan. 29.

Claire's gotcha day is memorable too, because I ended up with her so unexpectedly after her owner died. It was Oct. 31, 2005. I'll never forget handing out candy to the trick or treaters, while wondering what I was going to do with the scared white kitty upstairs in my spare room. She obviously stayed.
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We know all of their birthdays but not sure about their gotcha days...
Sliver: Born February 14th, 2001
Snowball: Born July 4th, 2001
Sage: Born April 12th, 2002
Sushie: Born June 28th, 2003
Spooky: Born July 4th, 2004
Spici: Born July 14th, 2005
Shilo: Born August 4th, 2007
Sadee: Born August 4th, 2007
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most of mine are approximates [birthdays, that is!] so you'll see a pattern...
Pixel - 9/1/97
Chip - 3/15/03
Cable - 8/15/04
Java - 1/15/05
Firefox - 5/1/07
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Gotcha day: 6/10/1989
Birthday: he was just a littl'un, so the guess is 5/1/89
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Murfie: born 9th august 2007 - gotcha 16th nov 2007


HoneyChild: born 25th october 2005 - gotcha approx august 2006

Winston: born 16th august 2006 - gotcha october 2006

Rockstar: born into my home 8th december 2006 and have had him ever since...couldnt bear to part with the little guy seeing he was Honey's only son out of 5!!!!
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My cats are from a breeder so I know all their birthdays.

Demetri - January 3, 2007

Farley - April 21, 2007

Anastasia - July 10, 2007
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