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"Almost" a Grand

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Well Charlie came REALLY close to coming home as a new Grand Champion - we needed 2 finals in the top 5 Allbreed - he got a 3rd Best Allbreed! He finalled in 5 out of 8 rings, but the other allbreed rings were either 8th or 10th Best Alters!

So close............... but next show we should have that Grand Champion title!

BTW he fell in love with a really nice silver ticked tabby oriental girl who was next to him ....cat has good taste....
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Is it fun showing? I've only had mixed breed kitties. I think it would be fun too show. how do you prepare? what kind of papers would you need?
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Maybe next time Charlie

We're still working on Demetri's Premier, another 1-2 shows he should get there. Takes a while in GCCF, plus we only have 1-2 ring shows.
And Farley will be an adult when the next season starts too
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Well I thought Charlie was a touch young for girls but if he has good taste
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Charlie's neutered, she was spayed - doesn't mean you can't fall in love with a pretty girl - they were playing paws with each other thru the cage
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