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My baby Bear!

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This is my Bear. I love these pictures!

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Adorable kitty!
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Cute shots, don't you just love it when they sleep with their arm over their face. e.g. my avatar.
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I love the second picture, he looks so comfy
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lol! Bear is so particular. He can't just be under the covers he has to be on top of the covers with some of it over him. If I don't do this he will tunnel through the covers until he achieves his objective or just scratches until I fix it!
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Awwww very sweet he looks so much like my Mia. Sometimes you look at that face and you could swear you are looking at a tiger.
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aww! so cute, reminds me of my Sparkle, i've got her in that pose to hehe
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I just love that second one.
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