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Originally Posted by katie=^..^= View Post
OMG I thought you were 100% serious!

Thanks for the links. I love really ancient stories. I'm fascinated with the beginnings of culture and stories of the ancient gods -- even the ancient astronaut gods.

In traditional Buddhism (not Thich Nhat Hahn's more modern way of explaining things) there are six worlds, including a heaven and a hell. The big difference is that they are temporary just like the human world. Eventually your karma is completed in whatever world your karma is reborn in and you are then reborn in another world.

From the point of view of developing yourself spiritually the human world is best. Although lives in the human world are short, compared to the others, we are able to change our karma with our behavior and strong effort. Human lives are the most intense. Sometimes people from heaven come to earth just to experience the intensity of human feelings!

Once we are reborn in the human realm, we very seldom go back to animal one. Only very evil people, like child abusers and murderers go to hell, but even they are eventually reborn into another world.

Since there's no way of really knowing the truth, I keep an open mind about possibilities, but I can't really accept the Buddhist six worlds any more than the western ideas of heaven and hell. They just sound like pre-science explanations to help people understand the world we're in.
That is an interesting way of seeing things, but I also think that, just like the Christian idea of heaven and hell, these are just stories. Or at least that's what they are to me. They may be very useful stories (in diminishing fear of death, giving people more incentives to be good, etc.) but that's not enough for me to believe them.

Actually of all the stories of life after death I heard, there's one I quite like, although I can't remember where it's from. It goes something like this:
When you die, before you can go to heaven, you have to go somewhere else where you are made to feel all the joy and all the pain you have cause to others throughout your life. No one is damned for all eternity, but no one escapes their actions either.
I still don't believe that story literally, but I like it. Kind of a simplified version of karma.
However, after learning a little more about karma, I now see that it doesn't really need any supernatural explanation or punishment/reward after death. (or maybe that's just my version of it)
Anyways, I'm getting far off topic now. So I'll shut up
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Last 2 posts were wonderful - you guys said it better then me

And yes, we are commanded to let the rest of the world/non-believers know about Jesus and salvation. And yes, God gives us free will to choose to either believe and join him or not believe and deal with eternal death.

Hell is real - Satan is real. And Satan knows God and fears God. He was given "control" of the earth for a time. And because of him going against God, he loves nothing better then to turn people from God/Jesus and twist things. After all he tried his best to tempt Jesus and couldn't do it. Jesus was the perfect lamb and sacrifice for all our sins.

I'm no better (sin wise) then any other person on earth. However, I've confessed my sins, asked for forgiveness and try to turn away from the path of destruction. God cannot make you believe but he does want and love you - its up to you on which path you really want to go.

Even Jesus could not "make" anyone believe in him - you either did or you didn't. So according to the chart, if those other non-Christians do not choose to accept Jesus then yes, no matter if they are good or bad, they will have eternal death.
My question and problem with this is: What about the people who have never had an opportunity to hear about Jesus? How could someone who's never had the chance to know about Jesus, be considered a Non Believer? How is it right or fair for them to be condemned to Hell, especially when they've never had a chance to reject Jesus or to accept him? Why would God allow them to even be born, only to spend eternity in Hell?
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Good question Hope. I've often wondered the same thing. But I guess it's always a heathen's fault that they're a heathen - whether they even know what that is or not.
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Hope - that is why until everyone at least hears about God/Jesus, then the world will not end. Children are an exception to this. Jesus commanded his disciples to go and preach the news to all the people.

Once you've heard about God/Jesus, then its your choice to either accept or reject. There is no 2nd chances once you die.

This is all in the NT and Revelations.
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I wish I could believe that strongly. I DO think there is someplace where we all go as I HAVE seen my late Minnie and I heard my late Schatzi bark, and this year Minnie's stocking (I still put up stockings for my 3 special angels) kept falling down.

I can only hope there IS a Heaven and I get to go there someday and be with my babies.
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i voted 'yes, no doubts'. it will come as no surprise to most people on the site that that's what i voted, as i am a fairly vocal [written?] fundamentalist evangelical Christian.
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Yes i believe there is life after death.
The body dies but the soul lives on forever.
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