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I got this in a email and thought I would share. Yes, you fill in the blank...

Still amazed: by miracle of birth
Still getting used to: not having a dad
Still loving: my hubby
Still proud of: my kiddo's
Still not proud of: me gaining weight
Still hoping: to get a GOOD job that pays well
Still worried: about my daughters first day of school
Still never going to: be perfect
Still pretending: iam skinny lol
Still reading:
Still wanting to read: hmm, not sure
Still interested in: going back to school
Still not interested in: history
Still looking forward to: waking up with DH
Still not looking forward to: getting older
Still failing: in eating right
Still grateful for:my family
Still praying: always
Still not believing in: abortion
Still believing in:GOD
What are YOU still doing?
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Still amazed: by fireworks (I'm a big kid, really)
Still getting used to: the fact that next year is 2008, and I've only just figured out to write '07 when I date things!!
Still loving: working with animals
Still proud of: my son and everything he is
Still not proud of: cheating on boyfriends. I learned the hard way.
Still hoping: to move into a house soon
Still worried: about my little boy
Still never going to: say never
Still pretending: I'm slimmer than I am!
Still reading: Terry Pratchett
Still wanting to read: more Terry Pratchett - he's a very productive author
Still interested in: cats, cats, cats!
Still not interested in: hrmn... nothing.
Still looking forward to: next year - Mexico vacation, mum's wedding, seeing my wee man, an education
Still not looking forward to: having to spend new year with a bunch of sugar filled, screaming kids.
Still failing: to fit the jeans I bought a while ago as incentive to lose weight!!
Still grateful for: life
Still praying: for the strength to be better than I am
Still not believing in: God as a singular entity
Still believing in: angels and souls/soulmates
What are YOU still doing?
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Still amazed: by the miracle of birth
Still getting used to: my new house
Still loving: My dad
Still proud of:my mom
Still not proud of: myself
Still hoping: to find a job
Still worried: about finding a job
Still never going to: accept that I cant do something
Still pretending: that Im pretty
Still reading: Body Farm(a book about forensic Anthropology
Still wanting to read: The third book from Eragon
Still interested in: soccer
Still not interested in: world of warcraft
Still looking forward to: having a baby
Still not looking forward to: catching up my laundry
Still failing: in losing weight(not because Im not trying but because I have PCOS which slows my metabilism)
Still grateful for:my DH
Still praying: to find a job and have a baby
Still not believing in: abortion
Still believing in:God
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Still amazed: by fireworks
Still getting used to: living without my parents
Still loving: life
Still proud of: my cat's
Still not proud of: something's in my life
Still hoping: to become a mummy
Still worried: about bills
Still never going to: get in trouble with the police
Still pretending: to be awake LOL
Still reading: nothing at present
Still wanting to read: all my harry potter books
Still interested in: becoming a breeder of bengal kittie's
Still not interested in: religion/politics/news
Still looking forward to: getting my new bengal thursday
Still not looking forward to: nothing at present
Still failing: nothing
Still grateful for: the life i've got
Still praying: not at present
Still not believing in: god
Still believing in: dreams coming true
What are YOU still doing?
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Still amazed: that I agreed to travel overseas
Still getting used to: the idea of graduating college
Still loving: my family
Still proud of: my boyfriend, because of all he's been through
Still not proud of: my boyfriends past
Still hoping: to finally start life.
Still worried: about failing
Still never going to: regret anything
Still pretending: to like my roommate
Still reading: anything good that i can get my hands on
Still wanting to read: more sci-fi stuff!
Still interested in: animals. all the way
Still not interested in:math.
Still looking forward to: Having my own family
Still not looking forward to: working. for real.
Still failing: nothing, i hope
Still grateful for: all the people around me that care.
Still praying: for the less fortunate
Still not believing in: people who don't care
Still believing in: knowledge is the key to enlightenment.
What are YOU still doing?
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Still amazed: by nature
Still getting used to: having my own house, and not having mom to call for advice
Still loving: My husband, until the day I die.
Still proud of: my husband, for everything he does and tries to do.
Still not proud of: how I spend money.
Still hoping: to win the lottery! Or, getting a job that I actually enjoy that pays the bills
Still worried: about bills.
Still never going to: "be perfect" that about says it all
Still pretending: I'm 24! LOL
Still reading: "Valley of the Horses"...about the 5th time around.
Still wanting to read: can't even begin to count!
Still interested in: most everything
Still not interested in: having children
Still looking forward to: improving our house
Still not looking forward to: I try not to do that...
Still failing: in losing weight (but, I'm not really trying )
Still grateful for: My husband and my animals
Still praying: at times. Is talking considered praying?
Still not believing in: happily ever after
Still believing in: dreams of the heart
What are YOU still doing?
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Still amazed: at how loving my animals can be
Still getting used to: living with Colin
Still loving: Colin
Still proud of: my mom for all of the sacrafices she's made and things she's done for me
Still not proud of: some of the things in my past
Still hoping:i can have children some day
Still worried: i won't be able to have kids (i have PCOS)
Still never going to: think abortion is justified or acceptable
Still pretending: i enjoy my job...
Still reading: Cosmopolitan & Red Book
Still wanting to read: The Bible more often
Still interested in: music & painting
Still not interested in: math or football
Still looking forward to: getting married in March
Still not looking forward to: The fact that Colin might be deployed
Still failing: to motivate myself to exercise more
Still grateful for: my family, friends, and my wonderful animals.
Still praying: this war will end soon and our troops can come home
Still not believing in: the excuses people make
Still believing in: God
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Still amazed: by birth
Still getting used to: being able to make my own decisions after my mother controlling me my whole life.
Still loving: John.
Still proud of: John.
Still not proud of: things that I have said in the past.
Still hoping: to get our own house this year.
Still worried: that I'll never be able to change some things about me.
Still never going to: sky dive!
Still pretending: nothing, I don't pretend.
Still reading: "Psychic Development for Beginners"... I've been working on it all week.
Still wanting to read: not sure yet.
Still interested in: working with animals.
Still not interested in: math.
Still looking forward to: the future.
Still not looking forward to: getting older.
Still failing: nothing.
Still grateful for: John and my animals.
Still praying: I do not pray.
Still not believing in: abortion.
Still believing in: myself.
What are YOU still doing?
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