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one kitten overeating?

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Both kittens are 5 mos old. I have been feeding them free will and the one always eats more: he visits the plate more, eats more during a sitting, finishes off the last of it, etc. Since they are the same age, same litter, I'm thinking he is overeating. He also weighs about 1/2 lb more than his bro.

Is this a concern and if so how can I control it? Being that one eats more and they are fed from the same food..I am thinking of giving food at meal times only and cutting out the free feeding. The only issue is when I am not here for several hours..

Any thoughts?
Thank you
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They're growing kittens - I'm not sure it's anything to worry about. If he were eating lots and not gaining weight - now THAT would be a problem.

We have six cats - all are feral rescues. Four of them are from the same mother. Of these siblings, one has a small frame and weighs 10 pounds as an adult (Spooky); one has a larger frame and weighs 14 pounds (NOT fat at all) as an adult (Lazlo). One has a wider, shorter frame, and weighs 11 pounds (Tuxedo). The fourth is about the same length and "height" as the big cat - but he's "wire-y" and "skinny," and weighs 12 pounds as an adult (Shelly). They had a fifth sibling - a brother (Julius). As an adult he's about the same size as our biggest kitty (a friend adopted him). As kittens, Julius was more than twice the size of Spooky, who was sooooooo teeney.

At 5 months, maybe he's just going through a growth spurt at a different time than your other kitty? If you look at him from overhead - does he bulge out - or does he have a "waist?" If he doesn't bulge out, I wouldn't worry about it. Even if he does, I'd probably take him to a vet before changing their feeding patterns.

Cats tummies and digestive systems are designed to eat small amounts of food really frequently, and adjusting to larger meals more infrequently can be done, but allowing them to free feed, if possible, is really the best option in the long run.

They won't be done growing for about another year or so. Granted, their rate of growth will really slow down after that year mark - but I'm not sure it's anything you need to worry about for a while. Cats come in all shapes and sizes - even those with the same parents. And even having the same mom, if they're rescues, is not a guarantee of having the same dad as females can become pregnant with the kittens of multiple males. We're convinced this litter of cats had a minimum of two fathers and maybe three.

At 5 months, have you had them neutered yet? I know some vets recommend waiting until they're 6 months - but ours always recommends doing it as soon as they're teething, which is usually around 4 months.

Hope they're not driving you completely nuts!

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