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Sunday, What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!

Still snowing a bit here. I am having a blahhh sort of day so far. Have a cold so am not feeling the greatest.

Heading off to work in a bit, have to work until 4.
Have to swing by the drugstore afterwards and pick up some cold supplies.

Kitties are good, they all went back to bed for awhile, lucky cats.

Everyone Have a good day
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Going to Church and then going out to lunch and later a friend and me are going to go see THE WATERHORSE and then go to SONIC'S for supper.
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Being totally lazy is on my agenda. I haven't been able to simply chill out at home since the beginning of September. So, this Christmas has been very gentle.

Today, football is on the tv, I'm dotting around on TCS, knitting a sweater and, at times, reading some of the field guide I had for my new camera.
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Going to church then maybe out to lunch, today is my birthday and I'm 40 I feel soooo old. Dont think I'll tell my Senior Pastor till after serviceI also have to get soda for my new years party at church tomorrow nite sure hope it doesnt snow here. Donna
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I slept at my sisters last night, and now we are just chilling. I am going to go home later tonight No big plans!
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I am making a big crockpot full of chili (recipie is in the latest crockpot thread). I am also drinking a bunch of coffee with hot chocolate and a bit of home-made kahlua. Other than that, nothing is planned for today.
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I have to go to work until 6, and then I have no plans yet. I guess I need to start getting some supplies for our New Years Eve Party! And I have to get the house cleaned up some, its driving me nuts!
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Today I think I am just going to stay home and do nothing. Maybe clean a bit or go to a movie tonight.
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Hmmm...Let's see. The SO is coming into town sometime tomorrow. That means that I have to shampoo the carpets, clean out my closet because the the cats go in there last night (I'll not describe the horrendous mess in there), wash many loads of laundry because of the closet mess, clean and straighten all the closets, do water changes on 5 aquariums, clean the litter box, wash the van, clean out the van, and I'm sure I am leaving out something.

I've already scrubbed the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge, and I have started laundry, and started my closet.

Seems like overkill, but I want to get everything DONE before he gets here because I want to spend all the time I can with him because I don't see him very often. I know I won't get every thing done, but that's my list of things I would LIKE to have done before he gets here.

He can help me take down the Christmas tree when he gets here though.
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Trying to get some cleaning done inside, and John wants us to work on cleaning out his truck that he's been using for storage.
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Football, football, dinner, football...maybe some football.
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Going to go see "Juno" today with my daughter who has the day off from Barnes and Noble (she works there college vacations and summers - they love her). Going to salsa class before that. Making a new recipe from Cooking Light which is Beef and Vegetable Potpie. Serving it with a green salad.
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G'afternoon. Not much planned for the day. We drove to my parents' house last night, and my mom gave me my gifts (Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway" cd, The Chopper (food chopper), a kitten throw blanket (SO WARM), a cat umbrella, an apricot candle, and a purse filled with bath and body lotions (technically to me from my brother, but he hasn't paid her back yet for it).

Then my mom is going to cook me my favorite dinner - roast beef on the rotisserie in red wine. Then we're loading up my brother's car to bring to SC so Rob can fix something on it, and bring it back next weekend.
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Football (YAY! Packers!) , pizza, laundry and maybe I'll watch a movie alone later in the bedroom if I get sick of football!
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I was sick today so I was in bed most of the day. But I did get up and do a little cleaning.
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