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Mood swings and others

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Hi guys,

This isn't a big deal, but things have finally settled down a bit and I thought I would ask if anyone had a way of helping with it. However this is fairly long so feel free to skip it if your in a rush.

We have two cats, one of them "Oliver" is what we loving call "bi polar". We got this cat from a pound and at the time he was sick and as so, very clam. Once we got him home and helped him get better, he went crazy. At the time we were staying in a small apt and he would run tracks around it. That was a few years ago, and one thing we have noticed is this cat changes his moods very quickly.

I'm the "cat person" in my family. I have always been the one to take care of the little boxes, feed them and whatnot. So both of them tend to take to me alittle more then the rest of the family. This cat will come and jump on my cat, and start to purr, his favorite way to do this is to sit on my chest and put one leg up on my neck. He is always a nibbler. He starts off by licking then starts to gently nibble (while purring) then he starts to bite hard enough to hurt, and when you move he growls and jumps away. Sometimes you don't even need to move for him to suddenly grow (or make a "upset" meow) and stalk off, usually with his tail flicking. This is also the cat (see my reply to the other post) who likes to bite and shred paper, cardboard and wood. If I didn't know better I would swear he is doing that to clean his teeth, but I guess that doesn't make much sense. I would really love to find a way to help with it though, I'm so tried of losing boxes and books to that cat. Also Lately he has using other places outside of his box to use the restroom. I tried cleaning the box and taking him to the vet, but neither helped. I'm thinking the last one is due to the "visiting" cat though, so I'm not as worried about that.

I am afraid I might know why this is. My father loves animals, but he tends to play alittle rough with them (things like make them sit with him on the couch on their back, tease them alittle by flicking their ears, that kind of thing). As he is my father, I can't do much more about this tell nicely ask him to stop. I know he doesn't mean any harm, he is just looking for a way to "play" with them. But This cat has gotten worse with his "mood swings" over the years.

So is there anything I can do to help with this?
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Prozac - a lot of animals are on it to get them to relax, but talk to your vet first about it all.
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My well-meaning brother was the same way with Sebastian. He played rough with him so Seb thought that type of play was okay. In the past two years, living with just me, he has learned that is not okay play and that it hurts me. He still will try though.

Could you gently talk with your dad? Perhaps suggest a wand type toy for crazy playing and hands for loving and feeding? I don't really have more suggestions than this. I'm sure someone will come along soon with more Bless you for loving your kitty anyway!
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
Prozac - a lot of animals are on it to get them to relax, but talk to your vet first about it all.
really? cats really take prozac now? I thought that was just a joke when I heard about it before. Do you think that would work here? and is there a way to try and help this cat unlearn any of his bad habbits? (i.e. eating my books) I know hitting and spray bottles are out (though I'm sad to say I did use a spray bottle at one point before I knew that)
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