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Behavior Help Plz

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This problem has been on going for about 5 months now and I don't know who to turn to anymore. Susu (My 4.5 year old baby) and I have visited many vets in our area and unfortunately have yet to find an answer to this problem.

My hope is that someone here has seen or heard of what I am about to describe. Any help is greatly appreciated. I cannot see my baby suffer like this anymore

First and foremost she has gone completely lethargic. Sleeps for most of the day and night and that is completely out of character for her. The actual behavior change happens mostly at night or after one of her long slumbers.

She will suddenly begin groaning and reach back to whack her tail. This can go on for 5 minutes at a time, sometimes longer. Once in a while she will get a hold of her tail and begin biting it while moving in a circular motion repeatedly while crying and growling really loud.

During this phase her eyes are usually fully dilated. The blue is hardly visible and she looks like she's gone through hell. I have tried to google this on many occasions and have failed to find anything substantial.

The vets we have visited have had the following observations:

1) She may have fleas / ticks etc

Answer: She has and continues to be on front line medication

2) Another cat may have bitten her

Answer: She has and continues to be an indoor cat (never been outside) and the only other cat she is in contact with is her baby sister who has had all her shots and is healthy

3) It may possibly be an allergy to something or another

Answer: I have changed her litter, her food, her bedding, toys ... hell I almost considered moving to see if this new house I'm living in is causing the problem

Susu is spayed and the only problem that I have been aware of through her yearly vet visits is that her anal glands need to be occasionally exposed. This is not the case with the current problem.

Prior to my move I did notice something odd about her whenever I would turn on a halogen light fixture over my dining room table. She would glance up at the fixture and begin licking and smacking her lips. I also caught her on several occasions licking the door to my old apartment.

Not sure if that will help but I figured I'd toss it in there. I have a theory that the problem is either nervous system related, liver related (licking wood door?), or simply a never before heard of phenomenon.

I would appreciate any input on this subject.

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I wish I could be of more help but I dont know much about the subject! I can't seem to put together what all those things could mean together! Im sure someone here will be along shortly to help ya out though!
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Sounds like feline hyperesthesia syndrome. It is either a chemical disorder or a brain malfunction (there are two schools of thought on this) neither of them can come to an agreement about what it is. Not very many vets are schooled in this. You really need a feline specialist if there is one near you.

here is an article I wrote after I went through this with my cat

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Wow, never heard of that Hissy. As a precaution, I would stop the frontline, especially since she is indoors, and has little chance of coming in contact with fleas.
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Hissy that is exactly what my cat has. She also happens to be a Siamese mix. Thank you so much for the information I'll print out the article and take it with me to the next vet.

Do you know if there is a cure for this condition? I will start researching it now I really hope I can find something. I don't want to lose my baby.
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A vet MAY prescribe some type of tranquilizer for a time, if not forever.
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