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Is this normal?

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I know that cats are finicky but I think that my kitten has me wrapped around her little paw. It is a ritual as soon as I wake up in the morning, i have to fill up her food dish and change her water. It doesnt matter that her food dish will be half full from the previous day and the same with her water but she wont drink her water at all unless it is fresh in the morning. She will nibble at her food a little but mostly she will follow me around the house rolling around on the floor making loud purring sounds and soon as i change it she meows a couple times and is happy the rest of the day. I guess they are creatures of habit.
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Well, I will assume that like any other food, dry food doesn't stay fresh if it sits out too long. I know I prefer fresh food over stale too!

The same for water, most cats are that way, and a lot of people use the drinking fountains for their cats so that their cat can have access to fresh water at all times.
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I agree! My kitties do that to me too! They are creatures of habit but the food doesn't stay fresh very long! I sometimes have to throw away in the morning and at bedtime just to get them to eat the way they should!! They really enjoy fresh water too. I have to keep my sink overflowing at all times so they can drink out of it! When it overflows it just goes down the hole so I never really worry about it. I replace it out everyday, and leave it trickling so they can have fresh every second of every day! LOL cats are crazy! You gotta love em!
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That's the fun part of having cats! They love to train their mom's and dad's to do silly little things. Tami (over the bridge now) used to 'attack' me when I walked into my one room apt. I always set my purse down beside my bed - you guessed it - she jumped up on the bed and wanted me to hold her even before I got my coat off.

She also didn't like me getting extra time to snooze on the week-ends. She would jump on the bed and begin to 'bug' me in every way she could. She'd play with the pencils and pens in my head-board - she never did this any other time - she would jump on my book case and knock my books right off the shelves! She was such a lovable little stinker.

In her old age, she would cry for me to re-heat her hot water bottle that she laid on just about every 2 hours! She lived to be 19 1/2 years. It broke my heart when I had to let her go.
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She does do some really silly things, but seems to do even more sillier things if we laugh at her, it truly is fun from the moment we roll over to wake up. We love her to death and are looking foward to the years with her. 19 1/2 yrs wow. That is awesome, i hope our years with squishy are as many!!!!!!
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