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My Baby Girls Story...

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"In Memory of Egypt and Kittens"
Egypt was a lil gray Kitten found in a Junk Yard one day in '05.... Her mom was Pure Siamese and her dad was most likely the neighborhoods Orange Tom. When we took her home she was Terrified of everyone even herself, she even scarfed down food as if she'd never eaten before.
A couple days after she arrived home and was getting more comfortable with us we noticed she was not only Grey but also had Orange and White spots. By the age of 3 months she was a noticeable Grey Tortoiseshell... The most Uniquely Colored Beautiful Torti ive seen at that.
So time went by and we moved and she eventually got out of the house ((she was an indoor cat)) and came back Preggers.... which wasn't a big deal, she'll have her babies, we'll rehome them when old enough then we'll fix her. Well about 1 week before she was due a family crisis popped up which caused my family to move out of state and because of Egypt I stayed behind and stayed with a friend.
Because the friend I was staying with had Dogs, Egypt was forced to stay in a workout room uncomfortably... and I was given a deadline of 7 days to find her a home.
So I searched and Searched and the only offer I got was a lady who wanted to abort the Kittens and find Egypt a new home but I said Hell No!! cause I wanted someone who would foster Egypt, find the kittens a new home and then let me have Egypt back when she was ready.
By the last day of my dead line a lady contacted me and said she'd foster her for me... Thank god cause the kittens are due any day now!!
So we met up and she took Egypt... That was the last time id see Egypt.
The lady contacted me the next day... Egypt had had 6 Beautiful healthy Kittens the night before!!! I was so happy, she Emailed me pics and time flew so fast... but not fast enough. It came time for me to join my family out of state and we had bought the ticket and paid extra to have Egypt and and my bird come with me as carry on items... But the kittens weren't old enough for Egypt to leave them.. so I left FL without her.
The lady said she'd hold Egypt and one of the Kittens and in January she'd have them shipped out to us... that was awsome!!
Around December the lady called and asked if she could get Egypt fixed... I didn't think anything of it so I said yea go ahead, her fixing date was Dec.27.06. So when that day came around I called to see how the surgery went and the lady had said that Egypt and 4 of the kittens had to be put to sleep ((an adopter was willing to spend the money to treat the other 2 kittens))... that they had ran test and when she went in to get fixed the test had arrived and she decided to have them put down right there... they all had FIV ((Feline immunodeficiency virus)) , that was one of the few times I broke out in tears over the phone.... she said she was getting her Cremated and that she was ganna have her Ashes sent to me in a pretty Picture Urn.

Egypt was put to sleep exactly 1yr and 3 day ago.... She will be missed forever and never forgotten.
[[I never did get the ashes... the lady said she'd sent them twice in 2 different Urns but I never got them]]

Egypt when she was younger..

Egypt and the kittens...

A Good view of Egypts color...

Aiden.. the kitten I was suppose to keep...

More of the kittens...

And all of the kittens...

I didnt find out till a couple months ago that it was illegal for her to put Egypt to Sleep without contacting me first, there were no papers stating that the cat was hers or that i gave her permission to go ahead and treat all health problems... Although i would have never had the money for Egypts treatment im still upset that she didnt contact me when she did put her down. I still get all teary to this day when I think about Egypt.
Idk how many of you guys know what FIV is but for those who dont... PLEASE LOOK IT UP!!!
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Im so glad you decided to post you story! Its heartbreaking, but your babies were beautiful! She was a very special looking Torti! Im so sorry about your loss!! That must have been awful!! And then not to even get the ashes!! That just errks me!! Oh there are so many things I could say right now, but none of them are nice things about that lady. So I will just say, that I am dreadfully sorry about how this all came to happen, and am so sorry about everything!!

May they play happily over the bridge...
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Sos sorry about your cat. I can not post here what i think of that lady either.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Egypt! That is such a tragic story. Just try to remember the great agonies that Egypt and her babies were spared and that they went together - although, it must have broken her heart as a mother to leave her babies behind. Is there any way that you could get the remaining babies? You showed Egypt such dedication; she was so beautiful and so loved
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Oh my, how heartbreaking for all those kitties lost I am so sorry..may they RIP
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I'm stunned beyond words that this lady did that to you. She could have called you before it was done. It was NOT an ER situation! I too better not post my thoughts about this woman.

I'm so so sorry for your loss!!
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What a sad story. I'm so sorry about your loss. May they continue to Rest in Peace.
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Thank you, guys.

No theres no way to get the last remaining kittens, she had adopters lined up for them and the one adopter was willing to pay for the treatment.
Even if I was able to get them back it wouldn't have been able to happen cause I was in MA and she was in FL... I guess they don't let animals with spreadable diseases get shipped and there was no way I would have been able to drive down there to pick them up ((although I would have loved to)).

I actually waited from Jan. till October just not to get the ashes.. what happened was I kept moving from place to place and she was afraid to send the Ashes encase I didn't get them.. then she sent the first ashes in the pretty picture Urn in July ((after I moved to PA)) and I waited like 2 months for them to come but they never came... then since we couldn't track that package she sent her smaller Urn and Ashes and they never came... so I gave up and havnt talked to her since Sep. I am very mad at her also.

Around the end of June ((6 months after Egypt was put down)) I was randomly browsing through Craiglist in my Area and a lady had Kittens for adoption and I broke out in tears cause one of the kittens looked just like Egypt and I wanted to adopt it so bad! but we were due to make an 11 hour Road Trip from MA to PA in the following 2 weeks so I couldn't.
I really miss Egypt... she was really Special to me.
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I have so much sympathy for our younger posters. It is so hard to be dependent on your family when they cannot help you care for your little cats. Egypt was a very beautiful little girl and her girls were just adorable. I'm so sorry for the tragedy of their loss. It was just hard to hear about altogether. Someday your life will be more stable and you will get another cat to hold and be friends with.
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V16, you showed love when you passed up taking on that kitten because the time was not right for you to have her I'm sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}} that the Craigslist kitten gets adopted into a wonderful family, and that you will meet lots & lots of other kitties in your travels, because I know that even if you are with them for only a few short minutes, they will be blessed by just meeting you. You are a real cat-guardian angel
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I guess your right catsknowme.... We travel and move a lot and we never really had pets for long ((my moms ignorant)) but I had Egypt for so long that I promised Egypt that id keep her forever.

Yea im Young.. .. but I try not to depend on my family when it comes to my pets... my mom wanted me to leave Egypt at the SPCA and go with them to MA in the first place but I refused to do that to Egypt and her unborn kittens... So I decided to stay behind and stay at a Friends.
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What a heartbreaking story. Egypt sounded like a wonderful cat - I am so sorry you lost her.
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