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I understand. I used to be scared to even turn the light on when the gliders were out, lol. However, I realised that they actually don't really get bothered by the camera. If anything, they try and steal it, rofl!

I usually put the lits dim in the room while they're out so I can see them, but it's not bright enough to bother them.

Taking a few pics shouldn't do any harm. the flash is usually so fast that they just get stunned, haha. Either they don't care or they stop what they're doing and just stare at you. :P I guess they get little stars in their eyes, like when you look at the sun.
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Oh yeah, to find out more about breeding and joeys, check here:


If you need help, send Suz an email. She's the glider guru and EVERYONE goes to her for breeding advice.
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Thanks for the link! I read some pages about it, I think I may have read that one but not sure. The main thing I'm trying to find out is whether it is ok to neuter the male if they might be expecting joey(s), because I know the male helps to take care of the young...

And tada! Here are photos of the suggies! I found some that their previous owner had posted on the glider forum, and asked if it was ok for me to use them since I don't have any pics yet. I think they're when they were a lot younger, though, Phoenix (male) doesn't even have a bald spot yet in these.


Sedona (planning on changing name):
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They're beautiful!!! Congratulations!

Yes, it's fine to neuter the male while they have joeys and is actually best to neuter him asap. By the time the joeys are old enough to take care of themselves(8 weeks) he will probably have gotten the girl pregnant again.

It's not a difficult surgery and from what I've read, most males usually act like nothing's even happened, lol.
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