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We have the specialest dog ever

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I'd love for you to meet Sir Gizmo the Great! Here are some pictures of him from Christmas...

And his Dogster page is here:

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I read his story! What a beautiful little dog he is!
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aww how cute, my sister has a maltese also. they are so cute and cuddly
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Thanks so much. He's my heart dog. That once-in-a-lifetime friend that is brought to you through Divine Intervention.

Donna and Milo (and Gizz)
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Awww, he's a cutie!
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Awwww how sweet! That's a really fancy contraption he has there!!!!
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Thanks! That's his Gizzmobile. We had it custom made just days after adopting him. It is very unusual to find animals in front wheel carts...most tend to be rear-wheelers. He is now the poster dog for Eddie's Wheels' front wheel carts. We've had quite a whirlwind year.
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Wow that is so cool!!!!! Made just for your little sweetheart How special!!! I bet he loves you to death! He looks so happy!
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Thanks so much! Yes, we are kindred spirits, he and I. I am so blessed to have him in my life.
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Awww what a lucky little precious baby he is and you, too. I read his dogster page and it is so obvious he is your heart dog. Your love for him just shines through the words. He is absolutely precious. I loved seeing him smiling. keep posting pics of your heart baby.
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Aww his Dogster page is wonderful!!! What an amazing little dog!!! He is soo lucky to have you!
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Thanks so much! I've never been so lucky as I was when we received him in our lives. This time last year I was applying for him for adoption and waiting with bated breath to see if I would be the lucky mom. He has changed our lives so much. He goes everywhere with me, and just finished therapy dog training. He's been in the newspaper 3 times, and the Discovery Channel called us to ask permission to film him in a series they're creating. It's hard for me to realize we've not even had him a year yet. It seems he has always owned my heart.

And here is a strange and fun trivia tidbit. We do a lot of rescue activities and support fund-raisers. Whenever they have an animal communicator, we go to them and the money goes to rescue. I went to 3 separate animal communicators with him last year this way. Each one said that we knew each other in a previous life, and that he was a large white dog then, very huge. And it was Gizzy's white that drew me to him and brought us together again. All said that we were meant to be reunited in this lifetime and that we were seeking each other.

One psychic said in that past life he was "huge and white, like a St. Bernard but white."

Another said he had been "Huge, like a very big white German Shepherd."

And another said he was "A really huge dog, a Great Pyrenese."

I found that so astounding. I didn't even know what a Great Pyrenese was, so I had to go online to look, lol.

My heart was at such unrest for 6 months until I found him. When we were finally together, I felt such peace in my heart.

I keep in touch with his previous mom every day and send pictures. She has said over and over that as hard as it was to have to relinquish him because of her financial crash and his need for medical care, she realizes now that our home was where he was meant to be, that he has become fulfilled.

And that is the way my heart feels. We've bonded so hard. I wish everyone that special relationship with a pet in their lifetime. I love all my babies, but this one is so strong it can't be put into words.

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That is amazing about the animal communicators.

I had read where you keep in touch with his previous Mom. I think that is such a wonderful gesture and Im sure brings her tremendous peace, as well, to know he is truly and deeply loved.
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Thanks so much, Pam. I hope to meet her in person someday. We think Gizz was instrumental in bringing the two of us together, too. She is truly a good, good person. Not everyone who has to relinquish an animal to rescue is bad, that's for sure. She has a big, big heart, and it was the most painful and self--sacrificing experience for her to give him up, knowing that another home could provide for his needs where she was trying to get along. Someday I hope to bring him to see her again. I know he probably wonders about him. She loved him so much.

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What an absolute doll baby!!
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