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People have said that when Walter Cronkite was reporting a problem like Apollo 13 or the Cuban missile crisis, we knew everything would turn out all right. He was the most trusted man in America. And mostly, they were right! However, I remember his voice breaking when he announced that President Kennedy was dead. Even Walter could not stop that tragedy.
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Speaking of the 80s, i just saw a commercial for care bears - they are back! Anyone remember them?
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I am 27 and love Mork and Mindy and I have seen Gone with the wind a million times at least.
I loved the list though. Put in perspective.
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A big difference between the 20th century and the 21st century: the news is now being sold and marketed, it is no longer being reported.

I think we all suffer because of that.

No, Walter Cronkite couldn't change the news. But he looked for the truth, called it as he saw it, and shared it with the world. Now news rooms have to turn a profit, and the truth gets lost.

Feeling old today!
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Happy birthday, early Laurie. Monday is my middle brother's 40th birthday, too. HE keeps insisting that he's going to be 39, though. I know better - I changed his diapers!

I remember seeing the Beatles, on the Ed Sullivan show. I was 6 and in first grade. Mom was appalled and Granny thought they were harmless. I had a crush on Ringo.
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WOW!!!! What a blast from the past!!!! And boy do I feel old now! :laughing: I am 37...and I remember all those old TV shows Kim! I don't remember if anyone mentioned this one, but do you remember "The courtship of Eddies father?" I loved that one...and "Family Affair" (and it wasn't about extra marital sex...:LOL: ) And Kellye, I too loved the "Incredible Hulk"!!!!
And I can't forget my all time favorite...."All In The Family"!!!!
Oh, and "Sanford and Son"

Laurie...Happy Birthday early in case I miss the Birthday thread Monday!!!!

Kellye..I remember Care Bears! I had one once! I think I was 18 then! But I still loved them!!! One of my best friends bought one for Amber last August when she was born, that's the first I had seen of them for years!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!
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Hey Debby -

Let's not forget Chico and the Man....I loved that show!!!!!!!!!!! What's scary is that I still remember lyrics to all of these shows, does everyone else?

LOL. ...Stirring up all of these memories had made me remember a lot of funny things from my younger days......

This is better than Trivial Pursuit!
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I think the only two TV show songs I'll never get out of my head are Gilligan's Island and the Beverly Hillbillies!

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OH YEAH!! Them, too!! I forgot!

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