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Help with blind cat

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I have not been on this forum for many months. I had a cat who is 10 years old go blind, and he is adjusting very well. It is almost as if he is not blind.

However, I had another one go blind about 4 months ago and she is not adjusting well at all. She is also 10.

She goes to the litter box to do her "poo" but "pees" all over the rug in different spots. I have tried everything. I have many cats so I know what to do to get smell out of the rug....but nothing is helping. She manages to get on her favorite chair in the living room....on the bed with her two kittens (now 9 years old) and jumps on the litter box in the kitchen to get up on the kitchen counter, where I go never keep her down from.

But...the problem is....why can't she pee in the litter boxes? I have enough litter boxes for all cats....they are always clean....and she never had this problem before. I have watched her carefully and she is not straining so I doubt very seriously it is UTI or bladder.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Huh, thats kind of weird!! I mean, if she can jump on everything and still get to her favorite spots you would think she would be able to use the litter box!! Is she completly blind or just partially?? At any rate, I hope that things go well for you and your kitty!!Good vibes That its just a stubborn kitty!!
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What type of box do you have?
Is is too small for her?
Is she standing in the box when she misses?

I suggest considering a large rubbermaid tub if you do not use one already. Works great for Damita, my blind one. I cut a big hole in the lid....and nobody misses now.
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If you don't know why either cat went blind, I'd suggest a vet visit for a bp check and to check kidney function - at age 10 they are certainly at a point where chronic renal failure may be an issue and inappropriate voiding might be a part of that.

Blindness due to detached retinas related to crf is not uncommon, and the high bp would need to be treated.

I think the cat now voiding wherever is trying to let you know something isn't right, versus being stubborn or reacting to the loss of vision (you did say she poos in the box, that means she can find one and get in just fine).

I hope you find the answers soon, as I can imagine how frustrating and worrisome this is for you.
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are you feeding them a vegetarian diet? Use a drain pan for a hot water heater. Put a very small amount of ammonia in the pan so they can scent it out and find it.
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I have five huge litter boxes with lids....b/c I have many kitties.

Both cats have been to the vet and he said the blindness was common in older cats. One has retinal failure and the other cataracts (excuse spelling)and both of them are totally blind. And, he said they were both in good health for their age.

However, Mama Petite, the one I am having the problem with has always been very small and never an active kitty.

I guess, as the doctor said, it is old age.

I just don't want to have to put her down....and will take her back to the vet, but know what he would say. I have already called him and he suggested putting "pee pads" down...or even matress pads used by incontinent adults (I am fast becoming one at 64!!!! )

I have had many cats in my life and they all die of old age....just the first time any of them have gone blind.

Caboose is so good....he finds his way anywhere....and has adjusted so well.....just gets a little agitated when another cat bumps into him and he can't see it coming!!!

Thanks for support. Guess I just have to pray for a miracle.
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No...she goes in the box completely to do "poo" and goes to the rug in many, many places to pee. She is not straining as they do when they have UTI.....she just goes!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Huh, thats kind of weird!! I mean, if she can jump on everything and still get to her favorite spots you would think she would be able to use the litter box!! Is she completly blind or just partially?? At any rate, I hope that things go well for you and your kitty!!Good vibes That its just a stubborn kitty!!

No...she is not stubborn...just confused and old.
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I guess I have too many senior catizens I don't see 10 as old at all. Alix is 14 and sure would grumble if you called her old to her face!

I only suggested your vet and the bp check/blood work as depending on results, there are meds and treatments to help. Cataracts are another issue of course(have one girl whose had them since she was one..dead center of her eyes...still doing well though, and still has vision fortunately).

Could she have cystitis?
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My mother's cat, Pookie, is almost 15 years old. For the last five years or so, she has refused to pee in the box, only on the rug by the tub. Actually, she started out peeing in different places in the apartment, but settled on the bathroom rug. So mom just leaves a rug there for that purpose. She has been seen by a vet many times and is healthy. Just refuses to pee in the box. There are two litter boxes in the bathroom.

I wish I had some helpful advice for you. Sending vibes for her and hugs to you!
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You're not the only one who has had this problem!

I posted a similar thread around April. I'll go find it in a bit. Leya was 6 months old and went blind because of a 1% chance during her spay. She also developed a litter box problem. She would use the litter box to pee in but wouldn't EVER poop in it. I tried EVERYTHING! I got extra litter boxes, put litter boxes around the litter box, got bigger litter boxes...... It was really awful to deal with.

Unfortunately I think you are going to have to wait it out if none of these ideas work. I just ended up putting newspaper and plastic carpet protecters all around the litter box (because that's where she pooped). I also doused the area with urine cleaner nearly every day in hopes that she would smell all the cleaner and not go outside the litter box.
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Ok, I was going to post a link to my threads about her pooping beside the box, but most of my advice was from PMs, so I'll tell you what I know.

Some blind cats don't want to pee in the same spot because preditors will be able to find them easily. Your cat could have this instinct kicking in right now.

Some cats don't like to pee and poo in the same box so they want several boxes to use.

Some blind cats can be VERY sensitive to the strong smell of the urine, therefore they may not want to use the box. (Are your litter boxes closed? As in do they have a lid and a doorway they walk through?) I don't use litter boxes with lids because Leya can't stand the smell, it's far too strong.

And lastly, my advice....... If none of those things work get an automatic litter box. Leya still had a few accidents, but clean litter with little oder really did the trick. She uses the litter box just fine now and will even use regular litter boxes now. Of course it's been a little over six months since she went blind so she's had some time to adjust.

Just keep in mind that nothing is going to be a quick fix. Your baby girl just went through something awful and needs time to adjust and learn. Give her time and be patient.

I would also talk to the vet about why your cats went blind. It just seems strange to me that two cats would go blind around 10 10 is decently young for a cat to have sight loss.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
I guess I have too many senior catizens I don't see 10 as old at all.
Could she have cystitis?
I thought the same thing. Metallica was nearly 17 before she developed any problems!
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Make sure that you are giving them good quality wet food, not feeding them food that contains 'by-products' and 'meal'. Also dry food is very hard on a cats kidneys.
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Wow, I dont think 10 is "old age" in a kitty!! Theres still half a life there! Middle aged maybe!! I would try some of the suggestions that you havn't tried yet and see if they work. I dont think 10 is old enough to cause blindness due to old age, but what do I know anyway!

Good luck to you and keep us posted!
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