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magical ACV

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last night i was doing some googleing to find something that would help my sinus and found a page on APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

it also read that it can be given to cats and dogs!! more research found the same.

chilli and i both had some last night and there are amazing results!! hubby can't even debate me hahahaha.

i bathed his wound in a bit mixed with water and ran a bit over his lip.
we could not believe the difference in him!? he is calmer than he has been for weeks! - a very sore and cranky boy

unreal stuff and a natural remedy to boot.

oh, and i can also breathe!!! amazing
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I love ACV! I put a tiny drop in my cats water and also for many things for myself as well. Its is amazing.
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isn't it amazing that a $5.00 bottle of vinegar does wonders!
i have spent SOOO much money on so many preparations for both myself and chilli, this is truly remarkable.
i love it too!! xx
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The true ACV that has all the internal healing benefits can only be the "unfiltered" kind. Like Braggs with the sedement at the bottom. (google braggs)

Make sure it has the "mother" in it. That's the really awesome stuff!

I put (distilled grocery store kind) in my horses' water trough to cut down on algea and keep flies and mosquitos/larvea at bay. I give them the "good" stuff for stiff joints/achy muscles, kidney, urinary tract health etc.. There's sooo many benefits to the stuff!

My dogs and cats get it in their water too! I love it!

The ACV and honey drink is the tonic for a long healthy pain free life!! Or at least that's what the older folks believe and drink every day.
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