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New foster doggie!

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Isn't he cute! Colin is out of town for the next few days, so since we're soo crowded at the moment, i'm planning to take a few of the dogs that have been at the shelter for a while home for a night just to get them out of the shelter and work with them. Tonight I took home Lucky. He's sweet, but he is food aggressive towards other dogs (so he is going to stay seperate from my furries). We are working on his commands/etc at the moment. He's a sweet boy though- i'm hoping he finds a good home soon.

Tomorrow i will take him back to the shelter when i go to work and bring home little Maddie to get her out for a bit. She is newer, but she is a nervous wreck up there, so if i can get her out for a bit and work on her training- she will do much better and have a better shot at a home! My sister kimmy may be fostering her long term when she gets the time next week- so hopefully she'll have a chance at a good life! Here she is!: She's a sweetie pie!
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Lucky is adorable! He looks like an Aussie X we had come in here.....

And Maddie....OMG she looks so much like my neighbor's old dog.....she lived to be 19!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Lucky is adorable! He looks like an Aussie X we had come in here.....

And Maddie....OMG she looks so much like my neighbor's old dog.....she lived to be 19!
Thanks Natalie! They're both SOOO sweet!I definitely have a few favorites at work, and they are two of them I wish i could take them all home!!!
I've been working with Lucky since i brought him home earlier, and now he is already crate trained!!!!!!!!

When i first brought him in, he freaked out when i tried to put him in the kennel, so i spent a little while working with him going in and out of it and then when i let him out to use the restroom a few minutes ago and then let him back in the house- he ran straight to his kennel and laid down on his bed!!! I'm soo proud of him! His previous owners said he had never been in a crate before, so his progress is great tonight! We also have been going over some of his basic commands and brushing them up a bit He's soo good!!! He's very good around my cats too- so that makes him even more adoptable! Only negative is that i would suggest a home without other dogs for him.
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They are both adorable!!
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Awww he's doing sooo great tonight!!! I might wind up keeping him an extra day (although that'd probably be a bad idea- i'm already getting attached! i'm the biggest sucker!)

He already knew a few basic commands (sit, and was a little muddy on "shake") so we've spent a little time tonight doing quick drills with treats brushing him up on his commands. He's doing soo well! He's got "sit" down pat, and we're working on "shake."
I've been working with him all day on "kennel" and he seems to have learned that -i'm soo proud of him!!!

I'm going to talk to my boss about making him a "pet of the week" soon for our local radio station- with him being house broken, crate trained, knowing his basic commands, good with kids, and great around cats (Kojak has already introduced himself)- he seems very adoptable! (only drawback is no other dogs). I hope he gets a good home soon!

He is a little "barky" though so i'm trying to get him to settle down a bit. He apparently LOVES tummy rubs too! He's already spoiled!
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they are both so cute!
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They are both adorable! But I have to say Maddie is extra adorable!
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Great news- Since Lucky is doing SOOOO well at my house, i'm going to keep him for a few more days! My sister came over to my house this morning before i left for work and i told her more about Maddie.

Well while i was at work today ,before leaving i took Maddie out and tested her with food, cats, and other dogs- she is AWESOME!!!! So, my Sister Kimmy might foster her!!! So since she may be a long term foster dog with my sister Kimmy, i am going to keep Lucky here until Colin comes back home on the 2nd

I'm soo happy for miss Maddie- she's soo sweet! And even better news- she seems to know her basic commands! Sit, shake, stay, etc. She is wonderful with other pets too and not food aggressive at all And Mr. Lucky is just getting spoiled rotten here He doesn't ever try to get on the furniture eithor- he's very well behaved! (aside from not liking other dogs) He loves the cats too!
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Well, Lucky will be going back first thing in the morning with me to work He just went after Kojak while he was out in the living room with me. He was not provoked and Kojak was sitting away from him on the other side of the room. I was brushing Lucky when he just poped up and went after him snarling and growling. I can not keep him in my home doing that, so i must take him back tomorrow Thankfully as soon as I said his name, he came right to me and stopped acting up. Kojak is ok, i gave him some treats. Lucky is back in his crate for the evening. I hate to take him back- but i can't risk putting my animals in danger should he act up again and this time do damage.

I am still going to try and get him an amazing home if i can- and ask for him to be a "pet of the week" soon hopefully. The only change now is that he must be an only other pets. Other than that though- he is very good.
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Wonderful News!!!! Yesterday morning i took Lucky back to work with me for the day to see if anyone would adopt him. When I got back from my lunch break we were swamped! In the middle of all the chaos- in walks my old Advanced Acting teacher from high school and her entire family!! (I used to watch her two children). I've known that entire family for years and they are just the most sweet people!! Wouldn't you know it- they adopted Lucky! I was telling them about him- he's crate trained, neutered, fully vaccinated, knows all his basic commands, house broken, good with kiddos, they understand his GERD (reflux) issue and are giving him his medicine daily for it, not food aggressive towards humans/etc. They just fell in love with him!!! He was AWESOME with the kids too!!!

I told her about his dislike for other animals and that he needs to go to obedience classes to try and work on some of those issues. I gave them the name of the woman i recommended and they called to set up his first appointment!!! I microchipped him before they took him home too They will be such an awesome family for him! He will be indoors only, an only pet, and he will get the training/socialization that he needs! Her two children (the oldest little boy has down syndrome) will be very gentle with him as well- she is really involved with her kids and makes them mind/teaches them how to behave appropriately- so i know they won't be the type to be rough with him. They were SOOO gentle with him too! Lucky just bathed them in kisses the entire time I am soo happy!!!!! When they left, they also were on their way to the pet store to pick up a crate, the book i recommended, and the food he liked from the pet store. Aww I am SOOOOO happy for Lucky! I couldn't have planned that adoption better myself! What an answered prayer! I was worring if the right family would ever come along- and then in strolls the most sweet family i know! I am thrilled!!!! I just wanted to share the wonderful news with everyone!!!
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That is wonderful new!! Yay for Lucky!!
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