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Meowing before lying down

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During the day Popsie sleeps in his favorite spot, the linen closet. I've noticed that when he goes in there to lie down he lets out a series of meows. It's a pitiful sounding meow too like he's whining. Sometimes I think it's his way of letting me know he's going to bed. Any ideas?
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Bedtime prayers?
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This isn't a new behavior is it? He may just be letting you know where he is.

If we're in the same room my Tomas meows before using the litter box, after, before drinking, etc He's a loud cat though, so meowing is normal for him.
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Does she do the same thing if she lies down anywhere else? If so, she could be in pain from something and should see a vet.
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How old is he? As someone who has joint pain, that 'getting comfortable' moaning and groaning is something I'm personally familiar with. If he's getting along in years it could be a touch of arthritis, or if he's a youngster more likely he's strained or sprained something racing around or misjudging a landing!

If it seems that he is in any way distressed or it's a new behaviour then a vet visit is in order, if only to rule out any possible causes of physical pain. It may be nothing (after all, Radar's bedtime routine involves sitting on the bedroom windowsill making odd noises :shrug: ) but it can't hurt to have a vet assess him.
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He's 16. He only does it when he goes in the closet and it isn't a new thing. I somewhat do think he's letting me know that he's going to lie down. Popsie has always been a very vocal cat.
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