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Is this a good automatic litterbox???

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I'm going to get an automatic litterbox next month since I now only have my 2 kitties(the fosters are all in their new homes ).

Anyways, I really like the Scoopfree Automatic Cat Litter Box.

I'm going to get a Permascoop tray to put in it so I don't have to constantly replace the cartridges:

Can ya'll give me some "reviews"?

Also, have any of you used the Permascoop thing before? It seems really neat and has tons of great feedback on Ebay!
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Man, I guess it must not be a good litterbox since no one's speaking up, lol.
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I'm a Litter-Robot lover. I think the boards are a little slow with the holidays and all.

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I saw that one, but the look of it kinda scares me away, lol. It just looks, um, weird.

Also, I don't like clumping litter because my cats like to pee, rub their paws all over in the wet litter, then run around the house and leave icky pee-clay pawprints everywhere. :ew!:

I guess you're right about the holiday thing. I've never been on the board with it being this slow before! :o
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Well, since no one has replied, I will post this link-again, lol .

Just put your litterbox name in the search box, and it will pull up the threads it is mentioned in.
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They have a forum for automatic litterboxes?!?!?!?! Ok, now I've seen it all!
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I know!

But it is a really informative site . Someone posted it for me a while back, and that was how I decided on my reconditioned Litter Robot for my 4 girls (my kitties' "needs" in a litter box verses what the forums had to say about the different ones) . Good luck!
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Scoop free box is great, however stay far far away from PermaScoop. Their customer service is Zilch and you'll be lucky if you even get everything you paid for! They won't return phone calls, emails, nothing!

There is someone else that makes a box similar called the Forever Tray and he sells them on ebay. (He also posts on the automatic litterbox forum).
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Isn't the forever tray made of poisonous PVC?
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The answer is no, rigid PVC (which is what the Forever Trays are made of) is not poisonous, contrary to what the makers of the Permascoop would like to scare you into believing. The compound in question is "phthalates" -- used to soften PVC, which is not found in rigid PVC.

Don't just take my word for it, but (as someone else suggested earlier in this thread), you may want to review the various posts at -- there's quite a bit of useful info there on quite a few parts to this topic.

I'm the person who makes the Forever Trays, and as I mentioned in one of my posts at LBC, it just saddens me that someone would use scare tactics like this.

I just wanted to set the record straight............
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