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stopped growing.

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My cat has surprised me and stopped growing! She looks like she is stuck between kitten and cat. I thought she would grow a lot bigger as she has these really long legs and a long skinny tail. This is a picture of her around 6 months old. She still looks the same! When she walks she looks so tall, but when she curls up she shrinks into kitten size again.

Anyone else have cats that stayed relatively small? I am so used to having those cats that are giants... you know that kind that strangers see and marvel at how large the cat is.
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It really depends on what the cross breeds are, as to why cats keep or stop growing. My lead cat is the smallest of all the group and yet she commands respect in how she presents herself. Kabota, a Maine Coon mix could easily whip her tush, but he will also back down because she growls so convincingly and asserts herself with the rest of the 14 cats.
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My Mimi and Xena are both tiny girls. Mimi weighs 6 1/2 pounds and she is almost 2! Xena is 5 1/2 pounds and is 7 months old. Girls are really alot smaller than boys! I love my girls tiny, they would be so different if they were huge!

They say that when a cat reaches sexual maturity their bone growth shuts off. That's why females are so small I guess... they go into heat at such a young age!
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Ophelia stayed a little girl. I'm always amazed at how tiny she can make herself when she curls up into a kitty-ball.
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Our girl is around 7 or 8 lbs. Your cat seems to have the same body type as ours and also the large ears and eyes like ours does. Enya's mother is a small cat, so I didn't think she'd get very big. She has tiny feet too.
Your cat is a cutie!
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At last weighing she was only 4.4 pounds. Though she hasn't grown since then, she has plumped up a little bit. I think she's around 6 pounds now.
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my cat piper is over 3 yrs and only ways 6.5 lbs! My neighbors(in a condo) cats are all boys and very large. People who see Piper, are like awe she is so tiny! I have to admit, I like it! She is so lady like! (not boney at all, just fit!)
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Our cat bobbie love is very tiny too. she's 10 months old and about 3kg. she's quite chubby though... but she has a very small frame.
Some cats are just small I guess...
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My cat is 8 months old, and weighs 2.9 kg. My vet is not concerned, but Ive just had her spayed (She looks so skinny where her fur is missing!) as he said this may help. She doesnt eat very much, but otherwise is a very healthy kitty. I wouldnt worry too much She also never had a season either.
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My 10 month old grey tabby, Mischief, is the size of a 1 litre bottle of pop! She is 4.5 pounds and chubby! People come to my house and see the boys and are amazed at their sizes. The girls all(except for Majesty)look like they're still babies. I would be more concerned if it was a male that weighed 6.5 pounds at 1 year!
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