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I don't get it

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I'm lactose intolerant but sometimes I eat dairy and it doesn't bother me. I just had some cheese and crackers and now my tummy hurts but other times I'll eat the exact same cheese and I don't have a problem. Wierd.
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It may have more to do with the other things you've had during the previosu 24-48 hours.

I am allergic to peanuts and peppers, among other things. And I love love both of the them. If I happen to be struggling with sinus stuff, I have to avoid them or I will have a serious allergy attack - asthma, major headaches and sinus infection, and GI symptoms. Other times, I can eat a gallon of hot salsa with no problems. Or have peanutbutter sandwiches for several days in a row. It's all about the combinations and spacing of the foods for me.
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I have the same problem, some days I can have a ton of cheese or salad dressing or something but other days (like today), one bite and I feel awful.
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I'm not really bothered by cheese much, but I don't eat a lot at once either. Aged cheeses tend to settle on my stomach better too.
Ice cream, normal milk, foods that have a lot of milk added, and now frozen yogurt are the foods that tend to cause problems.

For about four months I was taking Naproxen daily, one side effect from that and the other meds I take let me eat dairy for a while. I also have a gallbladder that causes the same problem with non dairy foods but not as often, so it kind of doesn't matter what I eat some days. The results are the same. (and no, getting the gallbladder out wouldn't fix that - if anything it's a problem some people have after their's is out)
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I'm rather new to the whole intolerance thing. I noticed a couple of years ago that my stomach got upset after eating cereal. I could drink some milk, but not an entire glass. I have cut out a lot of dairy. Yet, I can eat a bowl of ice cream or cottage cheese with no problem.

Yesterday, I had a great broccoli and cheese soup from Quizno's. BAD idea. It has never ever been that bad. Was as bad as the other kind of cramps. Owee. Now I know I cannot eat that soup! Too bad I have to learn everything the hard way.

So, why is it more tolerable some days than others? Is it the total sum of dairy consumed in one period of time?
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
So, why is it more tolerable some days than others? Is it the total sum of dairy consumed in one period of time?
I'm guessing it has to do with what else you've ate. Coffee, soda, salty, fatty, and greasy foods really get to some people and make their stomachs sensitive. The best example might be how sometimes coffee will give a person heartburn, but maybe not every time they drink it.

Quizno's cheese and broccoli soup doesn't bother me. Or maybe I'm not willing to admit it, I love their soup.

If you still want to enjoy milk try Land'O'Lakes or Lactaid. Personally I think the Land'O'Lakes tastes better. There are also soy and rice alternatives.
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