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My cats SHOULD have nicknames. I named them "Artemis" and "Athena." The names are too similar. I often say the wrong one when I've got the correct cat in mind. My spouse has called Artemis "Art" and, reading this thread, I realized that I could just call Athena "Thena" and those would be very distinguishable names. Maybe "Na"? I don't know, but they do need nicknames!

They really don't know their names, because I don't use them often or consistently, and maybe because they have a hard time telling them apart, too!
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Chestnut - Chesternutters (my finace is odd)
Gizmo - Gizzy

Both respond to baby
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Beatrix is... Bea, Fatty Bea, chubs, grumpy jerk.

Piper is... Piperoo, little monkey or monchichi

Paige is... Paige-face, paige-paige

and i call them all "beauty"
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poor martini. when i first got her, she had ringworm and had to be shaved and she looked like she had a rat tail... soooo unfortunately rat stuck as her nickname.

when i'm not calling her rat (i'm bad, when i get home i usually greet her with "hey rat"), i usually call her mart or tini.
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Meow is the only one who's had a nickname so far. We tend to call him Kitty a lot. He also has a bad habit of gulping down his dry food unchewed, which makes him upchuck it pretty quickly after. So we have at times called him "Sir Ralphs-a-lot" out of frustration and silliness. We also call him "Your most esteemed Royal Majesty" when he's in one of his moods.
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You all have cute nick names for your cats!!

Wesley is : Mr. Wes Man and Sox is: Sockie Poo It's funny, the things we think of to call our cats!!!
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Kitty has lots that are unrepeatable
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They have a lot, especially Polly- Polly Wolly, Polly Pocket. Does PollyPocketChickenNoodleFerretMonkeyFace count?

Molly has Molly Wolly, Dipper (she dips when she's touched), Princess, etc.
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Dominoe doesn't resond to her name, but she does respond to "Dee" which is cuter sounding anyway (she came to me with her name and I'd find it ude to the person who gave her to me to change it ^^
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Lilly: Miss Lilly, Lillers, sweet Lilly, butterball

Forrest: Mr. Hyde, My little Man-Wolf, Sweet Pea. It really all depends on his mood. Lately I've been calling him Mr. Hyde or Man-Wolf a lot cause he's been a little teenage beast.
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