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Does your cat have a nickname?

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Butzie's nickname is "Butzala." Of course, sometimes I call her by the name she thinks she rightly deserves - "Princess." Does that make me the queen?
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Butzie's nickname is "Butzala." Of course, sometimes I call her by the name she thinks she rightly deserves - "Princess." Does that make me the queen?
Depending on what they are doing, they all have the same nickname: HEY YOU!
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Yep, all of mine have nicknames.
Gracie is "Princess Grace", "Baby Gracie", "Graciecat", "Bubbles McGoo"...don't ask, my Son calls her that and I have no idea why "Princess Messy Hair".

Annabelle is "Lee Lee", "Annie", "Anna Banana", "Annabelle Lee", and "Annabelle Lee She Has To Pee"...another one from my son....he's an odd child

Elliott is "Ellie","Ellie Jelly Belly", "Fat Man", "El", "Little Mr."...this one no longer really applies to him because he's HUGE! and "Inside Kitty Boy"...that one's from my Daughter...she says she calls him that because he used to be a stray that lived outside and now he lives inside so he's an inside kitty and he's a boy...maybe my Son isn't the only odd child we have

Lizzie our RB girl was "Liz Liz" and sometimes "Lizzie Borden"...she could be a little nasty at times, bless her little heart.
Maggie our other RB girl was "Maggot"...gross I know, but my Husband used to call her that.
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They have a ton of nicknames:

Swanie is Swan, Dude, Doodle, SwanDoodle, Doodle T, Swanzini, treat-boy, brat-boy

Cynthia is Cindy, Cindy Lou, Cynthia Louise, Cutie-girl, Sweetness, B.C. (beautiful cat), Butterscotch, Princess FussyToes

And they're both punkinhead
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THey have lots of nicknames, but the two most popular are "Jellybella" and "Stannypants" --sometimes "Stanny-no-pants"
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I call Popsie a lot of things. His most recent nicknames are monster and messy beast.
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Little monster and Pew-Pew. He answers to Pew-Pew almost as much as he does Holden.
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Hrmn.... well I tend to call our girls:

Bootie: Bootie-boot, Wobbly-bobbly, Bootie-bob-bob, Squeaky-boots
Tosca: TosseKat (a play on the Danish for crazy cat), Chatty-Catty, slinky, rinky-dink

Rune on the other hand has a habit of ruining perfectly good names and calls them:

Bootie: Bootie-Lootie, Bootleootelootleootleootleootle..... (it goes on and on) Bootle-catla-rootle (however the hell it's spelled, sounds horrible anyway) Blinky MacBlink
Tosca: Nosnie, Tosca-losca, Tossleoss, Slinky MacSlink

DOn't ask about the Mac names... I get called Hooty MacBoob or Grumpy MacGrump - so you learn to live with it

They also have shared nicknames depending on what they're up to

Monster-munch, ratbag, smelly cat, stupid creature, toad.....

They very rarely get their proper names. Not that they care.

We're both hopeless.
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Most of them have nicknames, John came up with most of their nicknames...

Grabat: Graboid, Grey Cat, Grumpy.
Spooky Bear: Pookaly.
Tabitha: Tabbery Cat, Potato Cat.
Spike: Pickerington, Piker.
Lily: Floofy Poofy Marshmallow Cat.
Leo: Leonard.
Captain Squishy Fuzzypants a.k.a Slingshot: Captain Squishy Fizzlefart, Captain Poopface.
Garfield: Mr. Hoppington.
Lieutenant Bear: Lt. Black Cat... and I call her sweetie all the time.
Woody Jr: Woodward, Woodford, Floofy, Fuzzbucket, Little Potato Cat.
Sofia: Floofia.

Taco and Roxy don't really have any nicknames.
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I call Beauty:
Sugar Pie, Honey, Sweetheart, Precious Treasure and Gorgeous Girl.
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- Face
- Booty (for beauty)
- gorgeous
- luv bug
- banana (I have no idea why I use this one!)

- Cutie
- Baby
- Baby Abby
- Snug bug
- Snuggums
- Pretty Baby
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Tigger- Tiggy
Sam- Sammy
Sadie- Hades(she can be)
Hemi-hemi baby
Max- boo boo or max-a-roo
Lilly- Lilly Girl or Lilly baby
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Linus's nicknames are BoBo, Doodle Bug or Brat.
Sassy is Fluffy Butt, or Big Guy.
Pixie is Pixal or Pixie Stick
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Katina - Baby Cat
Monte - Monte Cat
Caliper - Snark
Chassis - Frissle
Tailpipe - Snick-snack (dunno, my mom says he answers to it.. )

and Tigger was Kittah.
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Princess Poopy Paws
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Mama- Mommy, Moms
Spooky- SpookyLou, Rookys, Bookys, My Boy, He's so special! oh and ritty-rat!
GiGi- was, GracieGirl, Gitcee, She's my Girl, BabyGirl
Love was. He's my Lover!
Scream was - The Screamer!
Now I have took on Runway, Tita-Cat, BabyGirl
and Shell, whom was being called Shelley, she is another Babygirl!
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yeh, they are weird & funny in a way! i however never nicknamed them this, my boyfriend did

Glamorous - Ragglysmuff

Sparkle - Cakey

LOL, don't ask haha, these have just stuck now
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Sebastian: snoogy-woogy-punkin-bear, Seb, Saboo (from my brother), baby boy

Daphne: baby girl, my-laffy-daffy girl, sweetheart
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Summer: Summerita, Pretty Girl (used most often), Sweet Girl, Brat Girl

Chevy: Cheveester (used most often), Brat Boy, Sassy Pants

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Maia's nick name is Squirt!
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Buff-Cakes (or Buffy-Cakes)

Mama (I don't know why; she's never had babies, yet I always feel like calling her Mama)
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My cats had lots of nicknames through the years I have had them.

Bear is Berry, Baby, BB, or Naners.

Rocko is Taco, or Rocko-Taco.
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My 3 have many names & I think they know them all, so I'll stick with the ones most used.
Mini is "Pip"-short for pipsqueak-she's little & has a squeaky little meow, it's so cute!
Skyler is "Little Old Man"-he has asthma & acts like one sometimes
Tucker is "Osh-Kosh"-not sure how he ended up with that but it's part of a complex network of nicknames!
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All mine have nicknames...

Sophie = Sophie wophie, Munchkin, Little miss prim and proper.

Shyla = Smilie, wylie, mow-mow.

Saffie = Waffie, gangster, Molly the mooch, strutt, and hubby calls her sexy. (she is a daddys girl lol)

Pippa = Pip-pip, piddy-pip, piddy-pip-pip, fluffy bum.

Amber = Yam-Yam, Moo-moo, gingee.

And a few names i use for all of them....
Poppet, Chicken, Sugar-plum.
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I have so many for my kitty. they may not make sense to you since they are in bosnian but i will give it a shot.

Billy is his name, but i call him bika, biki, caci, bilka, bikolini, and lots of other ones that dont really reflect his name hehe
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Ramsay is usually just "Rams" or "Rammy". Gus is "Fussy Gussy" because he whines constantly or "Gussy". Anderson was always Andy, but sometimes we called "Anderson Pooper" [like Anderson Cooper, the journalist].
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each of them have several...
Pixel: Pixela, Pixel Pie, Pixel Pattern, Sweet P, Pix
Cable: Cablicious, Cabes, Cabey
Chip: Chips, Chipper, Mr. Chips
Java: Java Susan [actually her 2nd name!], Java Sue
Firefox: 'Puter Bug, 'Puter, cutie 'Putie, 'Pu
i think Firefox's name is actually 'Puter Bug. i call her that more than anything else, & that's the name i put on the new tag i just ordered for her...
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I call mine 'little monkeys' or 'monkey butts' - I have no idea why I do this.

I am not racist or anything.
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My kitties' nicknames are as follows:

Quincy: Lovebug, angel-boy, sweetiepie

Quasar: Little One (because he's younger), Brat, Hotrod

and both earn the brief nickname "Barfo-Kitty" when their tummies have been upset!
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Lena I call Sweetie-Butt. Or Little Sweetie-Butt. Or Sweetness.

Larry is Puss-Cat.
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