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Are you getting ready for the war or the high alert situation?

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We see on the news that people all over the world, but specifically the USA are feeling the consequences of the high alert situation. We see people standing in lines for emergency items. Just wondered how things were over at your place everyone?

Rumors over here are that the attack on Iraq will be either this Saturday or the next. My mom is freaking out on me because she lives right in the bull's eye (Tel Aviv) and doesn't have anything ready yet. We only have bottled water ready - and most of us have our gas masks except me
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We haven't really noticed that here, although we are kinda used to having emergency supplies in case we get snowed in or if there's a hurricane.

Anne, as hard as our president is pushing this Iraq thing you really oughta be getting your mask!
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We haven't done anything, here. Bill and I figure that any terrorist action will be aimed at a landmark. We live about a mile, from a major Air Force base, with A-10s and F-16s ready at a moment's notice.

We talked about laying some bottled water and canned goods, though, in case there's an interruption in utilities.

Anne, keep safe and get that gas mask. You're a lot closer to the eye of the storm, than we are.

BTW: some of the planes, flying around my house, are from your Air Force. They train here.
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I agree with Ken Anne, and although times have changed since the rationing and shortages of WWII- we do have some emergency items stored. Water, and batteries and flashlights, candles, a propane stove, blankets and pet food, as well as hay for the horses.

But I sure do agree that you need to pay that cost and get your gas mask and do it tomorrow!!!

I do wish it was not boiling down to war, but at this point, it looks like war is inevitable.
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We haven't done anything to prepare. We're in the middle of nowhere, though Ft. Campbell is about 90 miles away, and there is a gaseous diffusion plant about 40 miles away. So, we figure we're pretty safe.

Anne....go get your gas mask!!!!!

Anne and Hissy, what is the status of preparing to take care of abandoned and injured cats if the attacks begin?
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We are definitly aware of the alert here, we are about 50 miles south of Boston which would be considered a 'major interest point' possibly. We do have bottled water and some emergency supplies, although life in general is pretty much the same.

My bigger concern is that we are only 10 miles from the Plymouth Nuclear Power Facility here in Massachusetts and that is a worry for me. Fortunately we are not downwind from them, but none the less I think its a concern for me.

Anne, please go get that gas mask. I think you may need it once this things break loose. Stay safe.
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We talked about it last night since Earl is beyond paranoid. I think it comes from working on nukes in the military. So far, though, we haven't done anything to prepare, except for have a plan ready of where we could go if something did happen. Lucky for us, we are right next to the mountains, so if some horrible bomb went off all we would have to do is grab the cats, some food and water (and litter) and head west. I just still can't imagine that Denver would be a target, but I guess you never know.

Anne, you do need to get that gas mask! The news over here is reporting that it will be at least 10 days before Bush will make any definite decisions (as of last night), but they have been wrong before.
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I'm worried right now since Rob is in Denver. Not that I think Denver will be a target, but I don't want the border to close down and keep him over there! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and want him home now!

I live 30 minutes away from a Nuclear Plant. I still think the allies are going to be hit, and I see Canada or England being hit first. Of course, Toronto or Ottawa would be the main targets for Canada. Toronto is the financial centre of Canada where Ottawa is the political centre.

On September 11, I watched the live television reports about the Twin Towers. Well guess what, Toronto is home to the world's largest free standing structure, The C.N. Tower. If that ever came down, my condo would have come down with it! Thank goodness I am no longer living at that address.


If anything were to happen here, Rob and I would be heading straight north to our cottages. We have everything there, including a generator, wood stove and food supplies.
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We haven't done anything at all, though I'm starting to think I should at least get water stored in case we need that. And pet food too. I needed a little push like this to get me to get those things.

Being right in San Francisco you would think I'd be a bit more worried. Around 9/11 they had us all extremely upset with constant threats to the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge, but it just feels like we've been hearing this stuff for so long that it's hard to really take it more seriously.
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I know through communication with Rivi, that the shelter CWSI was hoping to have enough volunteers and private vehicles that can serve as pet ambulances in place for when the time comes they could just spring into action. There have been several hundreds of dollars raised by the Phoenix story, and the money will come in handy for the center to help further these preparations. Anne can speak to this a well, but I do believe they are well on their way to prepare for the SCUD missile attacks, but are not quite ready if there is a chemical or biological attack.
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Originally posted by dtolle
My bigger concern is that we are only 10 miles from the Plymouth Nuclear Power Facility here in Massachusetts and that is a worry for me. Fortunately we are not downwind from them, but none the less I think its a concern for me.

Look at it this way... if it's a big plant and it goes up.. you prolly won't know it!

We live about 3 miles from one, and the state handed out iodine pills, or something like that, like it would matter though, you know..

Something tells me we're gonna have a run on bomb shelters again, like in the 50's
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Thanks Ken!

I actually went to a meeting at my sons school, and was faced with a reality check when a parent asked what if there was an attack at the nuke plant. They wanted to know what would happen w/ our children, and the principal had no definite answer. I guess we just pray that nothing happens.

I try not to be paranoid, I'm a believer that we have a destiny and whatever happens will happen no matter what. But it still creeps into the back of my head at night.
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All of these terror alerts get to be old after a while -- I think that they are just threats from the terrorists. If they are gonna strike, it'll be a major landmark and a big city, again.
I wish if they were going to attack, that they would just get it over with, and that way the US could go nuke al-quida and Iraq. Sure, it may sound mean but look at it this way: Why is it ok to let Americans die, yet its not ok for terrorist countries to get hit, too .....
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I am less than a mile from Camp Lejuene, and about that far the other way from the New River Air Station. We feel pretty safe here, but I will be laying in my same emergency supplies as I do for a hurricane. I haven't put together my "hurricane kit" that I always kept when we lived here before. I will be doing that tomorrow. We live right next to our job, which is a pretty new, tight building. We can go there and stay as long as we need to. There are already boards for the windows left over from the hurricanes. I went out of town last weekend, and REALLY didn't feel safe. I was 10 miles from a nuclear plant that only produces tritium. No electricity! I guess I do feel pretty safe here!
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My school district has a letter prepared for parents who inquire, but we aren't sending it out en masse, so as not to heighten worry.

I am still sleeping in the bed, as opposed to under it.

Anne, I echo the thought: GET YOUR GAS MASK!
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we just got back from chicago. we were asked for a photo i.d. to enter a parking garage. it was a little weird.

we have an arsenal two miles from our house, but it doesn't get many govt contracts, so i don't see us being a target. but i am still a little afraid, because if we go to war, we are fighting an enemy with a different set of rules.

anne, i pray for you and your family daily. but, please, get that gas mask!
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Prayers going out to all in need during these trying times. I cannot even begin to imagine how frightening it must be for some.

Anne.....like everyone has said here....please....go get your gas mask. If not for yourself...think of your family and what they will go through if you wait too long and it ends up being too late. Not a very pretty thought but....your hubby and baby need you. And you...need a gas mask!
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We haven't done anything to get ready. I am already in the habit of keeping us well supplied with cat food, cat litter, and plenty of people food. We live in a very small town where we feel safe, but I am worried about either Minneapolis or Rochester being targeted by terrorists.

Anne, I agree with all the others, get yourself a gas mask before it's too late!!!
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Wow. This was a big jolt back to realitiy...and here I was all worried about the big ice storm that is supposed to hit my part of Iowa tonight...I guess that should be the least of my worries.

I haven't even prepared for this war.....maybe I am just in denial, and not really wanting to face it...but I need to face reality...and the reality, sadly, is that we are going to war. I am going to start saving water now, and stock up on things like batteries and more canned goods. Thank God I just bought about 30 jars of baby food today....I am thankful that you all have reminded me that this is something I need to prepare for...living out in the boonies of Iowa, we tend to forget that we could be as much affected by this as someone living in a major target city.

This is just SO sad, and So horrible!!!!!!! Why can't people just get along and leave each other and other countries alone??????????????

Anne, I am praying for you and your family, and please get that gas mask!!! I will feel better knowing you have it!!!

I think once this war breaks out, those of us who want to (and are able to at the time) should band together on here and have a moment of prayer/postive thoughts, whatever you believe in, but to just do it together would be the main thing....we span so many many miles here, so many friends from all over the world, and we all feel the same about this horrible war.
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I don't know how much danger we are in where I am. On Vancouver Island it's hard to say. In comox there is a bomb buried beneath the air base I've heard. So if there was any likely target, I believe it would be there, but, since 'they' have proven that they like landmarks and Vancouver is the closest large city to us, and that's across the water...

We do have rations, but I know it wouldn't be enough.

I'm not too worried.
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not all that much, but I've started adding to it by refilling 2 liter soda bottles with tap water as they become empty.

I live in NYC abt 2 miles from the WTC and saw one of the towers fall while looking out of the window from where I was working at the time. I guess I'm sort of hoping that they go elsewhere, but since Osama has a hair up his a** abt US business interests, who knows. I have wondered whether the UN might be a potential target since that is just a little further than a mile due north of my apartment. Of course that is being guarded extensively.

From what I've read, the 'experts' think that a future attack is most likely to be chemical/biological in nature and that it would be released in an enclosed area with crowds, like a shopping mall. I guess a subway system would be effective, but I dont use that very much. They think they would rely on panic more than on actual damage to send their 'message'.

I sometimes wonder if the terrorists are using Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels as their inspiration. The airplane-suicide bomber occurred in one of them; a few days after 9-11 he was being interviewed on CNN and the reporter asked him abt it, and he did not respond at all. (I never saw him interviewed again.)
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I saw something on the news this morning about public events could be cancelled. I am concerned about the festivities in Daytona Beach this weekend. There are huge crowds there, and will be the Busch Race, the Daytone 500, and several other races. I would hate to see the races cancelled, but would hate even more for something to happen there.
I know what you mean about them using the Tom Clancy novels as inspiration. Have you ever read "Black Sunday" by Thomas Harris? It is about terrorists with a blimp at the Super Bowl. That sort of thing scares me to death!
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I haven't been out much. And I live in a suburb of B-more and there's a lot more crazies out there and in DC then there are here.

I don't feel like "prepairing" I have no clue when or if a war will happen, or what will happen to us in the USA or any country. I personally think that for the most part, humans are evil, and a big part of me feels that we should be annihalated because we are very bad for this planet, and anything and anyone which surrounds us.

I am not currently to worried, as if something was thought to happen, my family and I would be on the road heading to our "hide out" right now, lol.
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I don't feel too worried, since where I am is not a big city or tactically important... but you should definitely listen to everyone and get a gas mask. And those carrier thingys they're selling for the pets (since they don't care to wear gas masks). Hopefully, it'll stay on a shelf, but better safe than sorry.
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The only way war is really effecting us........ is I had to pay $2.05 for regular gas this week!

The gas prices suck!

My mom is always so positive....
"Honey, if God thinks it's your time then you're going, don't worry I'll take care of Cooper for you"

Gotta love my mom!
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what! we had to pay $1.65 for gas.

looks like dr blix's speech is finished - what do you think?

part of me is full of hope....while the other part is scared. i want to go back to nz and be with my son, and not living in fear, but alas, finances dont allow it just yet.
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About half the people I know, keep saying they all want to go to NZ right now.

After all this NZ will be one of the few islands left standing =p
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husband is supposed to be shipped out today She just had the baby in November and is living in Virginia. She will be moving back here in a week or two. I look forward to seeing my grand daughter. I know what it is like to be a widdow and hope she doesn't have to face that. (My first husband was hit by a car when I was 21.) Send lots of prayers that this is over quickly with minimal loss of life.
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DragonLady, that sounds scary, I will keep your daughter and her family in my thoughts and prayers, and also all the others (on our side) who may soon be fighting in a war.
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Wow - maybe it's being over here in Europe, but I have to admit that I haven't given much thought to retaliation in the case of war with Iraq. I've been operating on the assumption that the next big terrorist attack will be in Europe - there really have been a lot of arrests in Britain, Germany, Italy, France, etc., so something must be in the works. If I were in Israel, I'd probably have a panic attack every time I left the house. (Get the gas mask, Anne - I remember the Scuds from the last Gulf War all too well.) We've made virtually no preparations, other than to stock up on cat food, since our cat is insisting on U.S. and Canadian brands at the moment (and I have more faith in them), and I'm afraid I won't be able to get them here in the event of a catastrophe. The people in Iraq must really be on edge right now - sorry, that's an understatement, but the whole situation is beyond my comprehension. I spent half my life in one country, and have spent the second half in a foreign country, married to a "foreigner" (though here I'm the "foreigner", since we're living in his native country), and my colleagues come from all over Europe and the Americas. I just can't stand all this strife.
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