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Saturday Plans What Are Yours?

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Morning All!

Another snowy morning here in cottage country. Just came in from sweeping off my deck and stairs, and filling up my bird feeders. The chick-a-dees are so cute, they will actually land on my hand now.

Typical Saturday for me, heading off to work shortly. Need to do the schedules for the next couple weeks and a bunch of other stuff so that should keep me busy until about 4.

Then it's just home and relaxing for the evening. I have a cold so I am trying to get a bit of extra rest.

Kitties are great, watching the birds at the feeder I think they are dreaming they are jungle cats or something Linus is growling and Sassy is making this funny chirpy noise.

Everyone have a good day
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Today I'm going to my parents for a Holiday lunch with my father's family (grandma, my aunt/uncle, cousins...) so like all family reunions, that means a whole day of playing with my nephew.

It'll be fun!

But for now I need to go finish writing my Christmas cards.

I made some bread for lunch (with my brand new bread machine) and I cheated and cut a couple of slices for my breakfast. It's whole wheat, oat and honey bread, and I made it into a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

That bread recipe is definitely a keeper!!
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I was supposed to go down to Lansing this weekend, but we got about 7 inches of snow last night. I really don't feel like driving country north/south roads with the winds that they're predicting today, and the snow that we got last night. I think I'll just stay home this weekend and put away all the holiday stuff...wrapping paper, decorations, etc.
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I'm sick so I'm going to be on the computer a lot. Oh, and listening to my new iPod. I'm making it 100% Nick Cave; I've loaded five Nick Cave CDs on it with five more to go.
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I think we might go shopping at Goodwill later, other than that no idea!
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Measuring my living room for the new furniture that's coming!
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Dreary and rainy here today. Going to my salsa class this pm and our son has a friend coming over after that. I am making one of Jen's favorite dinners which is Caesar salad and garlic leek soup.
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Nothing much planned for my day other than cleaning. I have an apple pie in the oven though and that will make up for all the hard work.
Have a great saturday everyone.
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Hmmm, I'm waiting for our birds to come back The weather has just been too bad for them to come out and eat. Enzo is laying on his cat tree waiting for some birds to show up.

My Saturday plan. I'm going to my grandparents for a get together before my grandpa's surgery for prostate cancer. I have to make some soup and I have a homemade/dried mix for corn chowder I have no idea what it is going to taste like, but I'm going to make it!
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Work tonight, then off for the next three days! After that I work for three days then I'm off for another five (mini-vacation).
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I had work all day today. It was a pretty chaotic day- we were pretty swamped. We did have 12 adoptions today though so that's awesome!

After work i took home one of the shelter dogs with me to foster for the evening just to get him out of the shelter for a bit- so i'm planning on spending a little time with him tonight before it take him back tomorrow
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We went out for a late lunch, did a couple of errands, and went over to a friends house for coffee and to meet her two French Bull Dogs.
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We just go back from Dh's family Christmas party. Imagine 50 people in a tiny house. It was very hot!
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Nothing much here today - relaxed alllll day. Did a few errands this morning & went to Target tonight & got a few things.
Tonight I'm just lounging on the couch, enjoying the 4 day weekend!
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We went to the library to get some movies, went out to eat some good Mexican food, went to the mall wher I hit up Bath and Body Works, went to Sam's Club to get a few things...and now we're watching the "Historic Game" LOL....actually it's a better game than I thought it'd be......
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i went to visit someone, about the bengal kitty am getting thursday! can't wait now, she's so beautiful
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