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I have a whole new respect for David Letterman

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Letterman, Ferguson Back Up Late

David Letterman, who owns the production company that owns his show as well as the show Craig Ferguson hosts, has struck an independent deal with the writers of both shows that will allow the writers fair compensation for material they write that is distributed via the web.

I also found out that while his writers have been striking since November 5th, that he has been paying them full wages for that entire time.

Maybe his example will be enough to get the other studios to resume serious talks with their writers putting an end to the strike.

It's only fair that they get more compensation for their work if their work is being distributed through more ways/avenues. After all the actors get a percentage of the profits of any work that they do that is sold / used. Why shouldn't the writers get their fair share too?
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Good for him. I've always liked Letterman - he doesn't pull any punches and doesn't abuse his power in Hollywood either. Leno apparently did the same thing for his writers - these guys know how important their writers are. Sure, they did the hard yards themselves for years before they hit it big with their shows and actually got writers, but they know that they wouldn't be where they are or how huge they are without their teams. Good on them, I say.
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One of the key differences, I think, is that both Letterman and Leno are, in fact, writers and are part of the Writer's Guild. So they both "get it". They understand not only how important writers are to their craft, but also just how much the writers contribute to the final product and how they should be compensated for it. Good for them!
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