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why my brother is now scared of stray cats

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I have a story i just have to share about the "danger of straycats" as my brother says.

My brother is a local police officer. He got a call about a week ago, a older gentleman in town has a problem with stray cats in his neighborhood, so he set a livetrap to catch and relocate them with the help of the chief of police. In the start of his shift on saturday, a double shift, my brother gets a call from the old man that he needs the trap emptied. He was told by chief to take the trap out to the football field and let the cat go there. Personally i didnt aprove of this and would have suggested something different if i had know at the time. Anyway, doing as ordered Russ takes the covered trap out and when he gets to the stadium removes it from his car. He sits the trap in the parking lot and opens the door. The cat refuses to come out, so he stands there for a few minutes waiting, then decides to tap the side of the cage with his boot to incourage the cat out. WRONG MOVE! The cat growls and then comes out alright, it grabs the cage with his hind claws and my brothers leg with his front claws and teeth. Russ panics, he starts shaking his leg trying to make the cat let go, holding his car with one hand trying to balance and shaking his leg like crazy the cat finally lets him and the cage go and runs, still growling and hissing. He finally composes himself and gets into his car and leaves to have the scratches and bites cleaned, and change pants (his new work pants now have nice little cat snags all up the left leg). Luckely none of them actually punctured the skin. Well that night after work he goes home, which is about half a mile from the football field. Guess who was waiting on his porch! That same big black and white cat was sitting on his front porch like he was waiting on him. My brother freaked, he left and went back and slept on the couch at the station. That cat is still haunting his yard! I told him its out for revenge, so now when he gets home he looks like the boogy man is waiting, he sits and looks around the yard before getting out then makes a run for the front door! Well on monday he gets another call from the old man about the cage being full. This time the old man had captured a skunk. Russ covers the cage with a towel and gets back in his car, leaving the cage sitting and calls chief. He now refuses to empty any traps and will not accept any asignments having to deal with them. He says if the old man wants to trap critters, he can deal with the outcome.
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This is funny I think the cat admires your brother's gumption and now wants to be his friend. I would love to meet this cat
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A highly-trained officer of the law, an armed professional whose whole body is a lethal weapon... scared off by a kittycat! I LOVE IT!

No, I don't really mean any disrespect. I know it's true that cats really can do serious damage. I've had some very bad injuries from cats at the shelter myself. And years ago, my brother tried to rescue a little kitten near his apartment, and the kitty bit right through his fingernail. He had to have rabies shots!
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LOL Cute story! Thanks for sharing!

My Grandma's cat gets into attack mode once in awhile and has seriously damaged my Grandma's legs (really bad bruising!). She also attacked me while holding the dog by the collar...I still have the scars on my right hand...
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That's just TOO funny!!!
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OMG THAT IS TOO FUNNY!!!! Poor Russ though.. I know how that feels.
Ive been attacked once or twice by my old cat Beauty ((she was the neighborhood stray that my mom just had to save))... she was overly protective of her kittens and ill leave it at that. lol

I think Russ should try to pet the cat... see if he just wants a home
My cat Pinky has attacked 1 to many Shelter workers and a "Pet of the Day" Reporter ((not sure if he was an Officer or not)).
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I think the cat just may have adopted your brother, whether he wants it or not! That is too cute. It's amazing how he found the exact house where your brother lives! I guess he got a good scent while he was hanging off your brother's leg!

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I don't blame him for not wanting to relocate the skunk! If he had that much trouble with a cat...a skunk could have been REALLY bad!
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what a story....maybe the cat will be his friend now The cat was just responding to the situation with being in the trap; not much comfort, I know, but maybe the cat can make amends by catching the gophers in your brother's yard this spring! Please keep us updated
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aww! cute story bless
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I still laugh everytime i think about him and the cat, who he calls killer. The funny part is that this weekend another officer and his family moved in with my brother until they find a new house. They have 3 kids, a 6 year old girl, 9 year old boy, and 14 year old girl. Guess who happened to have discovered killer? The 6 year old they call BUG. BUG and killer are fast becoming buddies, much to Russ's disaproval. But thanks to Bug's sweet toothless grin and big brown eyes, my bet is that Bug wins and Killer stays, Russ can not resist kids.
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